2021 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Accessories

Best Tesla Accessories for your Model 3 or Model Y:

1. Screen Protector
► Elon Accessories:
► Cheaper Option:

2. Floor Mats
► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):
► Model 3 Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):

3. Performance Pedal Covers

4. License Plate Mount
► Quick Bandit:

5. Dashboard Cap Cover

6. Center Console Organizer
► NEW Console:
► OLD Console:

7. JEDA Dock, Hub & Organizer

8. Center Console Wraps
► Old Console Pieces:
► Old Console Vinyl Wrap:
► New Console Wrap:

9. Sunglasses Holder

10. HEPA Filters

11. Scent Wedge: 5% OFF with Code: RYAN

12. Cyber Trash Mini Trash Can

13. PPF & Tinting
► Detail Union:
► 405 Motoring:

14. Cleaning Products
► Two Bucket Wash Setup:
► Pressure Washer:
► Foam Cannon:

► Speed Wipe:
► Inner Clean:
► Streak-Free Glass Cleaner:
► After Wash:

► Microfiber Cloths:

15. J1772 Charging Lock

16. Model Y Mud Flaps

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  1. Bro, I don’t even have a protector on my iPhone screen, and this is something that can be dropped. Screen is fine. No need for this for your car screen.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I highly recommend the Ohmmu Hepa filter. People on Reddit recommended it and I bought it for my Model S.

  3. I am thinking about getting undercoating done on my new model y when I get it. Is that a good idea or bad idea? would it mess anything up?

  4. Would love to see a video going over the whole wash process. From the videos we can definitely tell you take good care of your vehicles, so seeing how to keep things pristine would be super helpful 😁

  5. Great content as usual. I sold my vette, and we're awaiting the delivery of our Red LR model Y. The delivery date is Novemberish. Had the 50 Amp service installed. And slowly picking up accessories, like the matte screen protector, mud flaps, jack pucks. Next will be the rear spoiler and floor mats. Keep the great content coming.

  6. GREAT WORK RYAN…WHAT I NEED IS AN OFF ROAD KIT FOR MY!! Here in Colorado we need good all-terrain tires, ground clearance, skid plates, add tinted windows for that 1-2 Mile hi Sun. I would love to get the model Y performance and use the extra power for towing and climbing mountains,

  7. Great video Ryan thanks for the info. I was told that the model Y I ordered will come with mudflats and ppf in the rear section of the car because I live in New England. Do you know if that’s true. Thanks.

  8. Is it weird that I get so much satisfaction from these types of videos & I don't even have a Tesla yet?… 😂 Great video Legend love ur channel = ].

  9. I have secured financial freedom by investing in bonds , equities , EFT's and some digital currencies .

  10. Screen protectors are dumb. Get an oleophobic coating. I don't have knives in my hands when interacting with a screen

  11. Can someone please tell me where I can find the mentioned links on my iPhone? I see only the comments but no links.
    Thanks in advance

  12. Caviat…be prepared for Telsa to deny service left and right if you have an aftermarket accessory such as the Hub or Screen-protector and they can blame the issue on it. "oh we cant support your telscam drive because its plugged it a 3rd party hub" Or "Phantom touch on the screen that caused XYZ to happen"

  13. I would NOT RECOMMEND placing sunglasses or reading glasses behind the screen on the dashboard as the summer days will cook the case and the glasses in them. This is not a product I would purchase.

  14. Good video Ryan. I plan on ordering a MY in October. Would I need to get mud flaps for the back too or are the front enough to prevent nicks? For new buyers, the only thing I would have added is maybe getting a NEMA 14-50 outlet as well as the plug. You mentioned a few items that I wouldn't have thought about getting before, but I may have to add them to my list. Thanks again.

  15. I just got my LFP M3 SR+ last week and I had pre ordered mud flaps for it but the I guess Tesla changed the way the back mud flaps work. Before they used to have a screw underneath the back side but now they just have to clip ins like the front does. So if anyone is getting a M3 within these next months coming up DO NOT pre order mud flaps!

  16. Took delivery of my model 3 last Monday so this video was perfect timing for me. Already bought mats and got the car ceramic coated. Another accessory that’s awesome for the new 2021 Model 3s is a cup holder insert, it helps keep that area clean and also helps with smaller bottles or cups. Thank you for the other ideas too! I’m def getting mud flaps, the glasses holder and the cubby storage units. Thank you for the time you took to make this 🙏🏽

  17. Anyone have problems with Teslarati customer service? I’ve been waiting for my mats fir my MY for 8 weeks now going on 9. Tried calling and emailing multiple times with no response.

  18. Love your videos man.

    unfortunately I ordered the floor mats from teslerati 10 days ago they have not fulfilled my order nor have I been able to reach them. was very excited about them but now I will outsource them and am demanding a refund.

  19. Be VERY careful with that sunglasses holder if you park in direct sunlight!! I heard Tesla actually now do their own centre console organiser trays and they're a really good price, something like $30 for both! (If it's in stock of course!)

  20. Perfect timing on this video! Just got my LFP M3 delivered to me yesterday! Charging to 1̶0̶0̶% 90%! I think another good optional accessories are replacing interior bulbs and adding a rear passenger footwell lightings (on LR or Performance trims as SR+ doesn't have footwell lighting). Now to order those floor mats…