in – Tesla Model Y/X/3/S Accessories

TESERY — a one-stop shopping platform perpendicular to Tesla Aftermarket parts, Good Parts for Tesla owners, reasonalble price and complete category。 TESERY takes each Tesla owner’s actual car needs, car use scenarios, occupations, hobbies, life, travel, modification, and upgrades as the starting point, and takes “accessories & camping & performance” as the main product development line。The current products cotain: Storage, interior DIY, exterior accessories, practical accessories, travel, camping, configuration upgrade, carbon fiber, wheel, steering wheel, etc.

Through supply chain integration and serious selection, high-quality Tesla parts are gathered on, so that all owners with different needs can quickly find all kinds of parts from it, so as to save the high freight cost, time cost caused by buying different parts from different places, as well as the return risk caused by uneven quality. A comprehensive range of accessories will help Tesla owners improve their different car experiences to the greatest extent, meet their needs for functions and values, and provide “Tesla lifestyle” for each owner with different needs.

“TESERY” strictly controls the source, and is meticulous from the aspects of factory inspection, product inspection and QC,to ensure that every product to customers are high-quality.

1. Quality: The products are directly supplied by the first-line factories; quality is controlled by the professional team, and they have passed the international authoritative quality inspection.

2. Price: No middlemen, no brand premium, no advertising costs.

3. Service: 30 days free insurance, exclusive customer service.