26 Essential Tesla Model Y & 3 Accessories

1. Screen Protector
► Elon Accessories:
► Teslarati:
► Cheaper Option:

2. All-Weather Floor Mats
► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):
► Model 3 Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):

3. Model 3 HEPA Filters

4. Tesla Trash Cans
► Cyber Trash Mini Trash Can:
► Tesla Rear Trash:

5. Scent Wedge Tesla Air Freshener
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6. Cleaning Supplies
► Cleaning Kit:

Individual Products:
► Two Bucket Wash Setup:
► Car Shampoo:
► Pressure Washer:
► Foam Cannon:

► Speed Wipe:
► Inner Clean:
► Streak-Free Glass Cleaner:
► Waterless Wash:
► Microfiber Cloths:

7. Water Bottle Holder

8. Cup Holder Insert

9. Therabody
► TheraGun Pro:
► TheraGun Mini:

10. Model Y Front Trunk Organizer
► Tesmanian: (In Stock)
► Teslarati: (Sold Out 6/22)

Model 3 Front Trunk Organizer

11. Model Y Under Seat Storage Containers
► Teslarati:
► Tesmanian:

12. Side Cubby Storage Bins

13. Model Y Rear Storage Container

14. Door Pocket Organizers
► Teslarati:
► Tesmanian:

15. Center Console Organizer

16. Glovebox Organizer

17. Model 3 Grocery Bag Hook

18. Front License Plate Mount
► Quick Bandit:

19. Arm Rest Cushion

20. SSD Drive
► Samsung:
► Pure Tesla:

21. Cargo Cover
► Teslarati:
► Tesmanian:

22. Dashboard Cap Cover

23. J1772 Lock

24. Performance Pedals

25. Center Console Covers

26. Center Console Wraps

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  1. I don’t know any other car that needs 28 essential accessories to make it better. Tesla has ways to go to mature is a car maker

  2. Some useful things there, Ryan, but what about easy-access sunglasses holders? It must be sunnier here in Queensland than California. This is an easy DIY fix, though, if you can find some matt black spectacle cases that match the interior. Just use double-sided body mounting tape to stick them either side of the steering wheel. They're almost out of sight, but flip down easily when you need to change from regular specs to sunnies.

    Also for hot climates in summer, you'll need clip-in covers for the glass roof. TEMAI do a well made set which matches the interior trim, but I added a reflective & insulated liner to reduce the load on my aircon. Yes, it really is that hot in Queensland.

  3. Getting the center console organizer. Wish it was more shallow. Just for coins and pens and post-it.
    I also get an ipad holder for the rear. You didnt mention those!? Essential with kids!
    After this video; I will also buy a ssd.

  4. Thanks for the great video Ryan. Always a pleasure watching your informative and straight to the point vlogs!

  5. Does anyone use PPF for their car and which brand of PPF are you using and is it really worth it to have it done?

  6. What about the SiriButton? Turns the center console trim into a touch sensitive surface that invokes siri!

  7. Definitely getting that dash cover. Why they went with wood there is just so strange… here's a futuristic thing… with wood as an accent lol

  8. everything I agree with cept maybe the mats. I like the tuxmat's alot better. More coverage and look just as good if not better.

  9. The full set of the 3D max spider mats is underwhelming. Get the driver, passenger and second row mats. Frunk is good. But everything is is meh for the price.

  10. The matte finish screen protector is the best thing on the list. If you don't have it you'll go crazy cleaning fingerprints off your screen before every drive. Plus the anti-glare functionality. Drove our Model Y with and without, it's no contest. Great list.

  11. I would be keen to discover the best screen protector with anti-glare. That's my biggest problem.

  12. Can you do one for the new refresh model X? Getting one soon would love to know the best accessories

  13. I just got a Model S and the must-get videos aren’t that great, I’d love if you did one.

  14. Floor mats, trunk mat, cup inserts, window tinting(ceramic) all you really need. Definitely don’t need a screen protector, They suck. I’d like to get a back seat cover for my dogs. And a heap filter. (Model 3 problems )

  15. Links down below for easy access yea I got a pair of shorts for that lol 🤣😉👌🤣🤣

  16. How about a Mr Fusion trash can? ;^) I'm sorry, it's Monday and I'm trying to amuse you all.

  17. I'm waiting for a Dilithium Crystal Charging Unit that fits in the glove box – 1 MegaWatt and lasts for 3-5 year missions to where no Tesla has gone before. I love mixing metaphors!

  18. Can you do this for the model x too? Specifically (and selfishly) the 5 seater… Could those under the seat storage bins work for the x as well?