Best Tesla Accessories and Gifts | Holiday 2021

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Best Tesla Accessories for your Model 3 or Model Y:

1. Screen Protector
Elon Accessories:
Cheaper Option:

2. Controller

3. Floor Mats
► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):
Model 3 Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):

4. Door Pocket Organizers

5. Raycon (20% Off)

6. Performance Pedals
Tesmanian: (10% OFF: RYANSHAW)

7. iPad Rear Mount

8. Center Console Organizer

9. Rear Seat Organizer


10. Spoiler
► Carbon Fiber:
► Standard:

11. Model Y Cargo Cover

12. Sun Shade
Model Y:
Model 3:

13. Mud Flaps

14. HEPA Filters

15. Cup Holders

16. Arm Rest Storage Tray

17. Tray Organizer

18. Side Door Organizers
Model Y:
Model 3:

19. Dashboard Cap Cover


20. License Plate Mount
Quick Bandit:

21. PPF
Detail Union:
405 Motoring:

22. Cleaning Products
Two Bucket Wash Setup:
Car Shampoo:
► Pressure Washer:
Foam Cannon:

► Speed Wipe:
► Inner Clean:
Streak-Free Glass Cleaner:
Waterless Wash:
► Microfiber Cloths:

23. Scent Wedge: 5% OFF with Code: RYAN

24. Cyber Trash Mini Trash Can

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  1. I would like to see a video about tesla's accessories available on their website.

    Like what is good and what is not? Do we have to install everything by ourselves or they install before delivery (like for illuminated door sills or carbon fiber spoiler)? What about their all weather floor mats and trunk liner? The exterior protection films, do they protect enough? The mud flaps?

    Thanks a lot, really love your videos!

  2. Hey Ryan, can you do a sequel on Plaid accessories? I assume anything that fits plaid will also fit mS.

  3. Do you rec leasing a tesla if you can't finance just yet? I am going to lease a model 3 and in 2-3 years just buy this s.

  4. The trash can looks useless, I would actually buy a small trash can for the back that I use while on the go because I'm more likely to drive long distances

  5. I didn't know any of these existed, I hope they sponsored this after the fact seeing how much attention that they were given as love back to you if they didn't sponsor the from the jump

  6. In case you're in a hurry:

    #1. Screen Protector (1:08)
    #2. Game Controller (2:10)
    #3. All-Weather Floor Mats (3:00)
    #4. MY Door Pocket Storage Organizers (4:34)
    #5. Performance Pedals (6:28)
    #6. iPad Mount for Rear Seats (7:20)
    #7. Center Console Organizer (7:49)
    #8. MY Rear Seat Storage Organizer (8:33)

    Misc. Accessories (8:56)

    Love your content, Ryan!!!

  7. I just can’t see how a screen protector makes sense… like, what exactly is going to damage the screen? Is it that cheaply made?

  8. Logitech F310 controller from BestBuy was $19.99 now $14.99. Note: You might need a USB-C adapter (about $10) since the controller is USB..

  9. Is a screen protector really necessary? How would you scratch that screen and if something hits it hard enough won’t it crack anyway even with the screen protector on it? Not like a phone where you’d drop it. Not being an ass. Serious question while I wait for delivery.

  10. Thanks Ryan, very informative. I played it loud so my wife could hear 😂. My MY is due in June so may hold off on accessories till closer to delivery.

  11. I live in San Diego and haven't had a front license plate on my Tesla for years. Cops don't seem to care about a front license plate on Tesla's considering many Tesla's on the road also don't have one. That's just been my experience though.

  12. Tesla is one of the few car companies that actually have good accessories for their vehicles, first party or third.