1/4 mile! 1000+ HP ZL1 Camaro vs Gutted Plaid! 9-Second Cars in Drag Race Battle! In 4K UHD!

Sept 22, 2022 at Bradenton Motorsports Park! (1/4 mile).
The Plaid is weight-reduced and running on the stock Pirelli P Zeros on 19” wheels.
(Backseats and most rear material removed. Both front seats are still IN PLACE, along with all door panels, airbags, speakers and subwoofer.)

Special Thanks to @LueTubeTv for sharing livestream footage! Check him out!

0:00 Intro
0:21 Bradenton Motorsports Park Sept 22, 2022
0:25 1000+HP ZL1 Camaro!
0:55 Plaid vs ZL1 Camaro
1:47 Reaction Times
2:09 Sixty-Foot Times
3:08 Time Slip
3:38 Trailered or Driven?
3:45 ZL1 Driver Scott
5:34 Preview of next video
6:03 More with ZL1 Driver Scott

TIME SLIPS: (Started at 85% Battery SOC, ended at 82%)
ET, MPH, 60-ft, Reaction, Mode, Result
Plaid: 9.20, 150.35, 1.45, 0.074, Launch Mode*, W
ZL1: 9.42, 143.96, 1.46, 0.080
* = Did not get all the way to “Launch Mode Ready”

Thanks to Scott (1000+HP ZL1 Camaro) for this fun race!

Special Thanks to partners @LueTubeTV and @Drag Racing and Car Stuff
for sharing trackside and grandstand footage!

Thumbnail Photo by KC Photography:
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  1. I know this is a drag racing channel, but I'm curious to know how you like the Plaid in everyday life? Great video! Thanks

  2. That's hilarious. Coming from a hot rodder……soon the electrics will dominate the strip and laugh at us old timers with noisy high maintenance fuel burners. Of course speed isn't everything, I love rowing through the gears and cruising in my built C5 Vette.

  3. I can think of 5 things I like about the ZL1 but only one thing I like about the plaid #1 it's super fast!😂😂

  4. Damn, I believe that ZL-1 would beat a stock Plaid over 50% of time. One sweet looking and sounding Camaro.

  5. ZL1 is no slouch! I was watching Lue’s channel live this night and looked like there were a number of quick cars there
    Stay safe brother; I just put shutters up as I’m in Lakewood Ranch and looks like Ian is going to hit right at Sarasota

  6. All that noise, mods, race gas, and big goofy tires just to lose to a big ev sedan 😂
    now it needs to ice the ice motor for an hour just to compete again. No thanks I’ll just make 20 back to back runs in a plaid instead and drive home in comfort afterwards.

  7. Straight in to the action, what a race with the ZL1 .

    Got to love the plaid , drove to the track beat trailered cars then drove home again .

  8. Such a close match up. It says a lot that this built ZL-1 shows the kinds of modifications that it takes to match the Tesla Plaid's capabilities. It is nice that you did the weight reduction, because it is times like these where it helps you maintain your winning edge. Great job at the light. With such an intimidating, full race car like this it would have been easy to get flustered and run the light. But you stayed cool under pressure, and took the run!

  9. He's correct it's laying down a little bit on the top side because of the 3.55:1 gear if he switched to a 3.73:1 gear the Camaro will continue to accelerate until Max RPM

  10. That was a nice close race with the Camaro. I didn't expect a 1000hp Camaro to run 9.4's, but it sounds like Scott can do consistent low 9's. Impressive driver and built car that doesn't fall on its face at the drag strip…..