1.1 Million Teslas Recalled? | We Have To Stop Doing This

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  1. Tesla workmanship and quality is not that good . Fit to finish is poor . For the money you pay I'd expect much better

  2. I'm sorry, the warranty piece is complete BS. It feels like a tactic to make you be more wary of coming in and getting somethign fixed. I had a rattle that was marked at $0 and then they updated it the day of, while I was driving to the service center. They then told me that it might cost me around $300. That's just unacceptable on a car that is barely a year old, and even worse that they let me know that WHILE I was driving to my appointment (an hour away). I didn't see it until I got there and then had to turn around and go home because I was angry and wasn't going to pay that.

  3. I received my new model S on June 30th we had some issues but all the sudden we had this high pitch noise coming from the bottom of the car even if you turn the car off the noise continues is so loud that at night my neighbor can hear it we took it for service 2 weeks and no luck Tesla service told me is a update firmware issue but they don't know when will be fixed not acceptable I'm paying for a new car they want me to take it back still with the problem they told me they don't know when it will be fix what do you do?

  4. 1,000,000% agreed on the "recall" terminology and the misleading news reports. My buddy and I have this argument on a regular basis. He absolutely loathes the term "recall" for what is clearly a "software update" or a "bug fix", if you were in any other tech industry. I just repeat "But it's still technically a 'recall' by current legal definitions" just to annoy him. I saw the headlines without having a chance to read the news (so thanks for telling me) and thought that this might be a concern. Really the main concern is my wife will start to be concerned that "The Tesla is constantly getting recalls! That only happened 3 times in the 16 years of my CRV".

  5. I just took delivery my Y in August, had a few issues w rear door misaligned, noise window roll up , and a crack window shield within one week by a rock hit on the fwy, but all took care by Tesla ( windshield paid by my own insurance), their services is excellent and courteous, gave the 100%, even the windshield replacement was done in one day , had the cameras recalibrated by Tesla that no one else can do , Safelite can’t do it. After one month almost 2500 miles, I will buy another Tesla soon for my wife.

  6. Was the squeaking in the rear seats addressed? I have a 2021 Model S and am having the same issue. It is the sides of the seats rubbing as is does not making the creaking sound with the seats down. Also, am having an issue with my rear suspension… when I am moving slow and come to a stop, as the suspension compresses, I get a “honking” type of sound. Anyone hear this on their Tesla, S or otherwise?

  7. Another issue, is Teslas approach on trying to solve major issues or make up new ones… I shouldnt have to buy a $20 piece of plastic to cover my passenger vent up… I drive a lot of family who are older and dont like the air blowing on them, doesnt matter the temp, just no air. Theres no way to turn off my model 3 passenger vent when someone is sitting in the passenger seat. A simple off button when u have the mini menu pop up or even in the main hvac menu… then it glitches if that person gets out. U cant shut it off till u turn off the car, a major over sight on efficiency since it takes 2times the energy to run those fans for no reason or if u dont want them on… was told to aim them up… stupid… so stupid…

  8. I live in Israel. Over here we have high traffic congestion and lots of road work. I noticed many issues with autopilot performance. Phantom breaking and wrong steering activities due to temporary guide lines on the road. Also because there is no way to position the car off center when air steering is on you disengage the auto steering a lot trying to pull the steering wheel a bit to the left of right. Works much better in a Volvo S90 2019 I also owns.

  9. I took delivery of my model y end of May. One appointment to fix the crack glass roof. Second appointment was canceled four times. I was finally able to take the car in on the 21st of this month. They fixed it Friday. No loaner no rental so they gave me Uber credit. Luckily a Uber driver took me home to big bear. I can’t get a Uber take me to get my car and Rancho Cucamonga service center Will not do anything for me. I try calling Uber since Friday with no success. Please do more video on Service center

  10. How about "Mandatory Vehicle Update"? It avoids the 'back to the dealer' stigma of 'recall' while acknowledging the Fed's authority to regulate vehicle safety.