Installing Sway Bars on a Tesla Model 3

Modding an electric car might sound a little odd, but why should gas cars have all the fun? Tyler shows how to upgrade your Model 3’s sway bars to handle those tight turns. #zzp #zzperformance #gofastnotbroke #tesla #teslamodel3

0:00 – 0:50 Intro
0:51 – 3:05 Remove Stock Rear Sway Bar
3:06 – 4:40 Add Brackets/Bushings to Rear Sway Bar
4:41 – 6:38 Install new Rear Sway Bar
6:39 – 9:03 Remove Stock Front Sway Bar
9:04 – Add Brackets/Bushings to Front Sway Bar
11:48 – 14:22 Install new Front Sway Bar
14:23 – 15:25 Wrap Up

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