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In this video, I will introduct floor mats for Tesla Model Y&3 owners.Link for floor mat:

A few days after the new car was purchased, the floor was full of muddy footprints. Are you very distressed? If you own a Tesla, then you should invest in Tesery Model 3/Model Y floor mats as they will effectively keep your floor clean. They are specially designed to fit your car perfectly and made from a tough non-toxic and odorless material. Tesery Tesla Model 3/Model Y floor mats will ensure that your car floor is protected and they will retain their shape and luster for a long time because of the durable material they are made from.

Key Benefits
【UPGRADED CUSTOMIZED DESIGN】Made according to Tesla Model Y and Model 3 interior contours to achieve a perfect fit with great Looks. Full Sets 6 pieces all-weather mats were specially designed for Tesla Model Y or Model 3.
【DURABLE MATERIAL】 Non-toxic and odorless TPE material, tough & durable, and easy to clean. This kind of material gets better wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and flexible in hot/cold weather than traditional PVC. Raised sides give extra protection for spills and wet items.
【DIRT RESISTANT & EASY TO CLEAN】Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Design to offer maximum protection of the Tesla Model Y floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow, etc. Textured skid-resistant surfaces of the liners are easily cleaned by hosing off or simple soap and water depending on the mess.
【GOOD FOLDING】Low-density material that provides more elasticity and durability. Floor Mats set may be bent from being folded over for shipping. You can use a heat gun to help it back the shape.
【NOTE】This Tesla Floor Mats set is too big, so it may be bent from being folded over for shipping. Please allow mats to layout in a warm area or place them in sunlight after unpacking. They will regain their original shape. You can also use a heat gun to help it back the shape.

What Can A Floor Mat Do?
We would give you the answer. Tesery Tesla Model 3/Model Y floor mats focus on doing their best to serve every owner, not only in the aspect of protecting your Tesla Model Y floors from spills, stains, dirt, etc. but also in offering you a clean and comfortable driving environment. It is the premium quality thermoplastic elastomer material and proper design that gives it such courage.

Material: TPE
Color: Black
Full Set includes 6 pieces:
1x Driver Side Liner
1x Passenger Side Liner
1x Rear Seat Liner
1x Front Trunk Cargo Liner
1x Rear Trunk Cargo Liner
1x Rear Trunk Well Storage Liner
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