Why Adam Curry Says Elon Musk is the "Kim Kardashian of Tech" | The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly is joined by Adam Curry, former MTV VJ and one of the very first podcasters, to talk about Elon Musk’s move to Texas, SpaceX, his encounter with him, and much more.

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  1. Megyn Find less narcisistic and more authentic and knowledgeable guests this dude on elon is frankly as Wrong as Rachel Maddow was on Rooosha ..

  2. Pretty sure someone has some Elon envy… anytime someone goes outta their way to knock on what you're doing it's because they care a LOT more than they let on & are jealous…it's as plain as the nose on his face🤭

  3. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on plastic surgery ending up with unrealistic anesthetics. And some people think that it's beautiful.

  4. "Big as Hitler." That's Elon Musk. Obviously the hunkered in the Bunker but the exact opposite and a rather much of an outlier in the World of the super rich in that he really has something he wants to say and be heard with and it makes sense as a business ("I want to go to Mars…I need everyone to drive all electric cars to do that to make the fuel both avaliable and cheap.")

    Wonderful approach to a business Model and exactly as Warren Buffet said as the type of business you can PRECISELY understand and so we bought for us anyways a boat load of what are called "convertible bonds" which is a nice way of saying "you're pay us interest while we wait for your gamble to pay off" and pay off in a spectacular way it did.

    Obviously your guest has no understanding of this nor the infamy behind "the skateboard chassis" nor the simply maniac hate from no less than the SEC and one hapless shortseller after another on Seeking Alpha…this guy really has no idea.

    Anyhow Elon LOVES California but it was the Covid-19 that ran him out of the State as it was used as an attempt to shut his business down.

    Before that he was exceptionally deft and the handling of all political matters…and yes absolutely he had help…and yes he was a kind of "Kim Kardashian of business" *when he was in California" because he clearly had no idea how to put forth quarter statements to Wall Street which led to his famous tweet about the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia financing his Company to take it private.

    Best thing that ever happened to the USA SINCE Adolf Hitler after that Plan got nuked and with it an attempt to nuke Elon by the SEC that in effect failed.

    Now he is by far the the richest person on Earth…but still a kid playing with toys basically…but has the outlines of a business Empire that rivals what some had in the USA pre-World War 2. "It's not about the money but the BUSINESS money from whence the wealth effect is thrown off.

    He'll be in Austin for a "ho-down" as they used to have in a big way down in Texas back in the day (1950s) so he won't be hard to find if you're looking for a meet and greet. 20 hour work days the norm. "No one being that way is normal" so you'll need to understand that if you're able to get a one on one as say Kim Java on YouTube did with the CEO of Rivian.

    More than happy to join you for that sit down as I am obviously a bigger deal than Elon…but of course not a bigger deal than Tesla.

  5. Elon Musk is a Conman, anyone that doesn't understand that go to the "Common Sense Skeptic" channel and watch the videos.

  6. Seems impressive. He's done more than me. Megan's down bottom, now that's something I haven't thought about in a few minutes. Just kidding, I never stop thinking about it. 🙃

  7. Sour grapes and envy doesn't leave a good taste. Elon Musk is the identity we know as the most forward thinking and original entrepeneur on the world stage.