Elon Musk's Crazy Smart Move about Twitter's New Reality

On Twitter, Elon Musk recently announced several changes that will have a profound effect on all users of the platform. In particular, tweets will no longer include a label specifying the type of device they were sent from. Even more astounding is Musk’s justification for this decision!


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  2. I don't have a dog in the Twitter fight. Let the new owner clear the decks & set the deadwood afloat. Once he has righted the ship known as Twitter, he'll hire back the few who didn't stab him in the back after they were let go. The old saying of "Don't shit were you eat" is very appropriate here.

  3. Employment law says." The employer can layoff any employee without any reason. Just like an employee can quit for no reason as well." This is the way it is set-up nationwide.

  4. Dream on; any such attempt would only underline the spoiled childish pretense of the idiot employees that partipated. They should be sued for damages assuming anything they did was of significance which it probably wasnt.

  5. Elon is a software guy from the start; cars and rockets have just been a (unusually successful) sideshow. I have faith that he is a competant CEO of a software company.

  6. Elon better watch out trying to bring unadulterated truth to America. Very dangerous if folks knew what George bush and bestest buddy Obama did to us. Let's just say there's going to be problems for his family

  7. Elon should have fired ALL of them, and immediately moved Twitter to Texas. California is totally evil…. get out of there.

  8. all people need to know about twitter future is this: 90% of twitter revenue is advertising.
    Since 2016 youtube adpocalypse we know, that even biggest platforms are dropped in a second when controversy shows, and twitter isn't even that big.

  9. Ist Wave 3700 fired all LEFTIST RADICAL Democrat, employees. 1200 Engineers also fired, all were invited to return with new Employment Contract at 40Hrs minimun a week work , No Work at Home policy, if will not return a 3 months separation pay. ELON MUSK already signed SPACE X-GOOGLE, partnership for Google Cloud to support EM in exchange for STARLINK LEO Sattellite. EM new TESLA PII phone with his SUPER APPS, and Google will lead and all connected to LEO STARLINK Sat.

  10. I would love to work for Elon and Twitter. Think how many more people would like to do the same. He can get employees anywhere he wants.

  11. You just can't have people on your team are not in agreement with your plan. This all just sounds like business as usual in a big company. I hope we see a lot less of celebrities and more news and political issues.

  12. If employees are not committed to work, fired them all. Lazy peoples are not welcome at Twitter. Many North American employee are the laziest human being on Earth. Musk should ship them all to no man's land Mars.

  13. Every boss would do this with any employee lol.. woke privileged people.. smh 😂😂😂 just plain stupid

  14. Employee of Twitter which they think that they can have a comfort zone at Twitter, they must resign as early as possible. There is no such thing as comfort zone working with Musk.

  15. A sink was very apt as thats what Twitter is doing fast, only life boat is his money but he owes enough out now to banks and interest will be piling up. For myself I fully hope that Musky hits the rocks hes a spoiled brat of a man. His attitude to staff has been disgusting behaviour for anyone. Bye bye Twitter see you in the bin soon.

  16. Business…..File bankruptcy…end purchased debt…purge espionage employees….rebuild from the ground up!