Elon Musk's Crazy Move about Twitter's New Reality

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, he started making changes to the platform immediately. Even crazier than his grand entrance into the main office was how quickly he began fulfilling his plans and rearranging Twitter’s employees. However, because of these changes, Elon is now facing a class-action lawsuit from former Twitter employees. They are accusing him of firing people unfairly.


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  2. If you are against Elon Musk for what ever reason you are making a very big mistake, did you know there are many employees in Tesla that have become Millionaires on the shares they got as excellent work share gifts. Think what Elon is going to do with Twitter as time passes, you can be sure Elon Musk is going to turn it into a Massive Organisation, just wait and see. Best Wishes to you all Life is 👍 Great.

  3. A private cie can’t sacrifice his capital to please his employees. Cie interest above all. He agreed to paid them until January 4 th 2023. Employees should be pleased with that outcome. Americans workers don’t have that notion of negotiation.. They love there lawyers so much nd vise versa to grab easy money.

  4. Alam Ko you are working in Tweetter Companies my love Elon musk IAM appreciated about that thanks everyone

  5. Stop worrying new update Amazon laying off 10,000 already begun Facebook laying off $11,000 and the list goes on for other major companies homework is fundamental this is just the beginning good luck Democrats McDonald's is hiring.

  6. Three months severance pay IS three month's notice. They just don't come in to the office or perform work, but they're getting paid!!

  7. All we hear about is how EM is killing 3,700 jobs, most of them being outsourced and nobody is talking about MZ terminating 11,000 (almost +300%) jobs bcuz of financial mismanagement in Meta

  8. So far Elon Musk has been excellent despite a few blips and of course that massive over price by $25 billion.

  9. twitter employees are so entitled …. elon should make them come in the office on time take their breaks and clock out like any other office job

  10. Facebook fires 11000 Amazon fires 10000 no one get angry but when musk fires 3700 employees who don't attend the office and want to work from home everyone get angry whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????????????????????????????

  11. The CEO runs the company if an employee is not performing they must go,from what’s been revealed by Elon the company was not performing iam sure the CEO would have followed the rules,just another dem false flag.