Elon Musk's Crazy Revelation about Twitter's New Reality

Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter are interesting. Soon, Twitter will be a completely different platform with very little in common with the current version. Elon Musk loves the letter “X.” He now appears to be planning to transform Twitter into an “everything app” called X. With this app you will be able to transfer money, pay your bills, communicate with your friends, even make money from it. Elon Musk wants to make an app that will offer you things that you might never have thought of needing before.


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  1. 人类有了Elon Musk 的Twitter ,Twitter将成为真理的播种机!

  2. Like china. You make promise, you delivered, and when you have enough people and power this app will become titanic all, collect your data, start to work with the government, and we all know this is not good. Stop giving away your power!

  3. Love you, Elon. Keep up with showing them you are in control with it all! They are all jealous of your wonderful business sense. I have no doubt Twitter will be so much more.

  4. Everything E!on touches turns to gold! He is so creative, I have no doubt he has things in mind we will all enjoy.

  5. To be real, we need to remove those phones from people's faces and hands. Instead of putting a permanent magnet on them. Going online is good to do in short 5-20 min intervals at most 1-2 hours per day combined. Because people need social interaction, using their brains for creativity and consuming natural light more than the synthetic lights of the screens.
    If twitter becomes the western version of WeChat, then people will:
    1) have all the conveniences of one app that does it all.
    2) BUT, one app to shot down, when governments want to enslave the population. Imagine that the government makes it criminal to voice your opinions on the Democratic party, unless to praise them. The only thing they need to threaten you with to keep you in line, is to Ban you from twitter. Now you cannot buy food, fuel or pay bills, because ALL of your life is part of twitter. This is MUCH more important than #1.
    So don't see this kind of BS as positive things.
    Although, if Elon keeps doing things with integrity, then it shouldn't be as problematic as with a communist party of China in control of such an app. (or if the democrats had their way).

  6. Next Musk-🐀 will institute a citizenship score and then comes the lockd o w n of a billion people.

  7. So, Musk – Rat wants to crEate a Chinese world.
    He should be tried and e&x-ec- ut- ed for crimes against humaity.

  8. Who are you to say musk would be "lagging behind " his competitors? He has a successful multi billion dollar company. What do you have , a small youtube channel ?
    You suspiciously British sounding fella!

  9. That's all well & good but I don't do life on the internet because big brother is watching, my preference is Cash transactions without my life being on display for the Lunatics of the world to dox. FJB

  10. Netezen. Iklan international 😂 😂 😅 😅 harusanya dalam negri iterantional karana resesi haaa benet your money lost dari soeharto

  11. Let's be clear, He's a sellout, He's still going to moderate people. I seriously doubt that hes going to reactivate people who are censored.

  12. What ever it becomes…it's no longer a communication monopoly "overlord" where over half its users disagree with its policies…nor a Bot-fest where advertisers are over-charged & misled…Elon has an excellent track record of success & the person who has a "perfect" business record, is nonexistent except in movies perhaps…What ever he does with his business…it will be better…

  13. This guy is a.i and says he bought twitter i made him with my mind and he never paid me a dime truth.

  14. And therein lies the problem. Nobody anymore wants an irreplaceable app. We want choice. So if an app pisses us off……we can switch.