Elon Musk's Crazy Announcement about Big Changes on Twitter

It has been reported that the ex-Twitter CEO and other executives are planning to sue Elon Musk if they are not content with their severance conditions. In addition, we discovered that Elon Musk transferred a plethora of Tesla employees to Twitter, including some very notable figures. He is also said to be planning more layoffs at Twitter in the near future.


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  1. Twitter is going to be the first mainstream Web3 social media. They have already applied to be a payment processor.

  2. It's pretty messed up when a company let's you go and your going to sue because your not happy about it lol. This is life, it happens when there is a take over. Grow up freaking babies.

  3. You don't audit a piece of software like Twitter in one week. Everyone in the IT industry knows that. So, from where do Musk accusations come from? They come from thin air.
    And that's it's clear when Musk says he will bring his own engineers. He make the accusations and then he goes look for the evidences. Should be the other war around but, hey, it's Musk's world!

  4. Wenn man den ehemaligen Twitter-Abschaum vor die nächste Wand stellt, wird Geld für Abschaum gespart.

  5. 3:19 If these employees leave before November 1st they would not be obligated to severance pay. Flashes Ligma Johnson… hilarious, great edit!!!

  6. Trump is livid because the giant red wave never happened on November 8, 2022. It goes to show that people are tired of his BS, election deniers, far right extremist and white supremacy thugs. It shows that true Americans really care for America. The tide for Trump is turning. People are not falling for his lies anymore. In the coming months Trump will be indicted for his several crimes against America and it's people. Praise the Lord in all his glory.

    Remember Jan. 6, 2021 when the riot happen at our nation's capitol. That is what the GOP stands for in America. Hatred, attacks, bullying and trying to ban abortion nationwide.

  7. All of Twitter mocked him, “make your own platform” they said. Well…….he bought yours, GOODBYE.

  8. What is very beneficial about what Mr. musk has do e is to bring to the fore the attempts to legally regulate freedom of expression that have insinuated themselves into the Western world. The bulk of the human race, of course, takes no notice.

  9. Now he just need to to scoop up facebook and instagram, then I might actually go back to those platforms.

  10. Oh let's see what Elon has on them. Gonna be as good as when depp exposed heard. These three won't work again after Elon has finished with them

  11. imagine getting all the evidence of all your backlogs, mismanage/fail project, extra overtime with no result.. presented to you on the court asking this question, why you didnt finish the project? why you delay the project 🤣… to those who got fired, burn all the papers or delete the files before you go out

  12. No death no CHANGE. America as a leading world have changed by tongues for > a decade. The more words+new policies, the worse we are. Thanks for VIRUS to make you move to the RIGHT ways even too late and little.

  13. 1:45
    Jesus christ. That is the most common sense tweet I have seen in years.

    This dude said "we want a balanced board of opinions on how to run the platform"

    Most of these leftist infested companies talk about "balanced opinions" only to hire yes men and ideological slaves into the company board.
    Its actually respectable Elons getting advice from all these people. You never see this shit before.