Elon Musk's Twitter Critics Attack & His Responses Are Priceless | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the major changes to Twitter that Elon Musk has implemented in his first three days as CEO; Jimmy Kimmel’s attack on Elon Musk and Musk’s hilarious response; Hillary Clinton pushing the mainstream narrative of the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi by David DePape; Glenn Greenwald pointing out the holes in the mainstream media’s coverage of the Paul Pelosi attack and their eagerness to control the narrative about the Pelosi home invasion; LeBron James getting very worried about hate speech that may result from advocating free speech on Twitter, all while forgetting about his tweets regarding the murder of Ma’Khia Bryant; Elon Musk firing Twitter top executives like Parag Agrawal and Vijaya Gadde and ensuring that they don’t get golden parachutes; Musk’s message to Twitter advertisers about his intentions for platform; Amy Klobuchar, telling “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd about her fears of Twitter being run by Elon Musk; AOC telling MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about her irrational fears of fascism and white nationalism; “The View’s” Sunny Hostin talking to Chelsea Clinton about Hillary Clinton’s midterm election conspiracy and why she’s right: and much more.


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0:00 Intro
5:48 Why Jimmy Kimmel Attacked Elon Musk
14:30 Media’s Shady Coverage of Paul Pelosi Assailant
20:44 Lebron James’ Worried About Hate Speech
29:53 How Elon Musk Is Changing Twitter
40:18 Democrats Are Scared Of Losing Their Narrative
52:00 Lee Zeldin May Win New York Election

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  1. Dave it was reported that in Paul Pelosi's drunk driving accident, The other car involved said Pelosi had a passenger in his car that ran from the scene. Has the Rubin Report looked into this allegation ?

  2. Take Power Dave…No, Get the Opportunity to SERVE the People Properly for a change. Thats the scourge of the body politic in America. Power Corrupts Dave while service keeps those who Serve….Humble. Our greatest Need in this country is Humble Servants prepared to render service to the American Voter.

  3. We all know that Elon is one of them, right?: He has talked about turning Twitter into the American WeChat (the CCP'S all your private into on and controlled by one platform app). Stop fan biting and grow a backbone.

  4. So glad Elon is now the CEO of twitter. We have had enough of those people destroying our country and spreading lies 24/7 to sway the populace. Wake up people and get out and vote on Nov 8 in person this it exactly what I am going to do. chance of less cheating when you vote in person and in my neck of the wood ID is required. love it!

  5. whatever peace we achieve, I'm afraid it won't last because America is in a cycle of political revenge instead of doing what is right, we fight.

  6. Munch's notorious 'Scream' brilliantly illustrates the Wokist Psyche- and its Effect !!!Freaky stuff. Genius!!

  7. Those who claim to be' on message,' apart from being stupendously boring display howling Insanity- which quivering with self righteousness( in Reality existential Fear- woo-0h) brooks no Contradiction- lest that .. Fear- woo-er claws in!!. Dontcha' just turn away- get the hell out of Their Hell.T'ain't no place fer decentGod- fearing Folk!

  8. You have to remember LeBron James went straight from high school to the NBA. So he's not highly educated. But I'm not sure that is a detriment to free thinking. However, being beholden to NBA products made and or sold in China IS a detriment to LeBron's thinking.

  9. What happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me? I’ve been on twitter yrs and I’ve only see “the word” from democrats…freakin crazy.

  10. Lebron is a douche. That officer was awsome not alot of peaple who could have accessed a brutal situation like that and was able to react so perfectly and saving a life

  11. Good evening Dave
    I need to break free from my 'one wee woman struggle', a fight created and inflated incredibly so by my employer of seventeen years NHS and lack of clarity/support from RCN hasn't helped one bit.
    One year deliberately disconnected from workplace having been periodically bullied gaslit and currently subject to stonewalling behaviour almost enabling nurse leadership teams to 'hide behind' red tape, HR systems, policies that clearly don't work. Rather than answer to professional unrest, and work on accountability and RESOLVE!.
    All the while a cruel emergent 'cancel culture' being placed upon me, a Mental Health Nurse one year in, it would seem the shameful toxic utility of weaponising my wages my increasing financial hardship is currently being held almost hostage if you like..
    This for me was never about money or salaries. But one year long dispute albeit one sided (me comminucating) no one really listening.
    One year in, past six months half pay has been hard now heading to zero pay but still employed as a nurse (it's a big mess!).
    Didn't need to be, but politic and too many cooks in my case, too many nurse managers not doing good of an already tough job.
    Lots of lies, lack of nurse leaders not being held to account the list could go on and on.
    I have woke up but damn this is evidently near impossible to fathem.

    Has been a rude awakening of sorts but grateful for finally my very own life lessons, wisdom have been realised. If only by me so far….😀
    Thankyou for your shared discussions.💜

  12. If I want an Attorney I certainly don't want one that's in the same State that's Fing Me Over either ! That's called Racketeering

  13. There exists Rules which have been implemented then there is Laws/Constitutional Law ! And The Law doesn't change from State to State, We Live in one Country!

  14. Exactly, he said according to constitutional law. He could hold them responsible for Harrassment, Stalking Laws, attacking the Constitution Law and Civil Rights! Class Actions !

  15. Their attacking me, Elon, Trump family and anyone who questions the narrative or speaks out. Someone once again stole my clothes, Important paperwork! Thus has happened over and over and over !

  16. Yes, what's quite interesting is I was outside my home working on my house to get it listed and my neighbor across the street accused me of threatening neighbors with a hammer ! Can you believe this shit ?

  17. Chelsea,
    I'm pretty sure she conceded the election in the afternoon. It took her most of the morning before she conceited and then proceeded for the next 4 years to say it was stolen from her. She's a piece of trash.

  18. I love Ron D. but don't forget who inlightened country and brought the fight to them and he's still standing and that man had the power to get us back on track by using the private sector along with government and for the simple fact we can elect a NON-POLITICIAN AND A POTUS REMINDED US THAT THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND NOT THE GOVERNMENTS, TRUMP 2024😊 RON DeSANTIS 2028