Elon Musk's Crazy Announcement about Twitter's New Reality

Even crazier than Elon Musk’s entrance to Twitter when he bought the company was the fact that he immediately started fulfilling his promises. After making a splash with his sink in the lobby, Elon began to rearrange Twitter’s employees. Musk has proposed that Twitter’s anti-bot algorithm be open to public scrutiny as a way to deal with spam accounts, but he also mentioned other very effective ways of dealing with them. More importantly, Musk announced the craziest change on the platform yet: related to how your feed is customized to show tweets and how your tweets are shared. Another question raised is about who the future CEO of Twitter will be.


Elon Musk – “Few reasons I want to buy Twitter” 👉

Elon Musk: “Reason Why Aliens Weren’t Able to Come Close” 👉

Gate that Aliens weren’t able to overcome 👉

Elon Musk Destroys Apple 👉

Elon Musk – “Delete Your Facebook” 👉

Elon Musk: I Will Tell You All about The Aliens: 👉

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  1. I have a lot of respect for him I love it that he says he's doing things for Humanity that he loves he's already done that just in SpaceX alone thank goodness for good Souls.

  2. Perfekt för att skaffa sig en plattform för en eventuell försök till att få tillräckligt med röster i ett presidentval till och med Putin skulle gilla detta

  3. Has it crossed anybody's mind that joe Biden and the democrats are up to a total invasion of America and I'm not just talking about the boarder I'm talking about a total invasion to overthrow the country

  4. remove all , and rehire make sure to check their social media. in a few years twitter is gona be insainly good. Looking forward to see how many bots removed, there is a chinese TV channel they have 26 Million folloers on twitter ( on youtibe they managed to get 11 comments ) everything is inflated and fake..

  5. Isn't twitter in line for some claw back of the ad revenue they paid out due to the fact that there were so many fake accounts

  6. Elon's credentials are pretty solid, aren't they? Crazy like a fox and has the cojones to do it. Let's wait and see.

  7. The worst thing anyone could do something s think that Elon is not evil like the rest of the media dirt bags. Just watch he's not who people thinks he is. Halloween let everyone know who he really is. He is Satan's champion.

  8. You don't need 75% of the employees Twitter had, they were all sitting around trying to think of things positive to say about Joe Biden, then tweet out Praises to him, I'm sure you've seen that, and I cannot Believe that anyone could be that delusional . It's more blatant than if Was pissing on your leg and told you it's raining- and then you believe me

  9. Remember rich guys don’t care about you and that’s why he fired them right before the holidays. Democrats create jobs and dishonest rich conservatives guys take them away. Conservatives putting the Con in conservative.

  10. It looks to me like the global elites and we all know who they are have picked on the wrong guy not saying it’s true just saying this is what it’s starting to look like it’s starting to look more like a wrestling match between free-speech and globalist control

  11. Im glad a white man took back control of twitter though.

    Now we need to take back reddit too. Those reddit people are the worst of human. They he anyone who is white. Even the white ones do just to be accepted on a token level by the masses of reddit.

    Top jobs are crucial to earths true minority. Because earths true minority are the only people who offer equal rights.

    If any other group had world influence they would take us back 500yrs use the rest of us as foot stools. Its evident wherever they do rule look at how they rule.

    Even in the west they get a sniff of power and influence and they use it to rise over others.

    Something earths minority could do any day but chooses not to. Offers true freedom for all its people whomever they are. Only they do that.

    Only they outlawed the worst days trades. Nobody else did it first. But they did do it longest never saw an issue with it. Unlike the west did..

    Only the west shows true empathy. The rest allow child homelessness ffs. We would never allow that. We cry for their kids before they do.

    We need Mars ASAP. As our sanctuary. Our preserve. We are an endangerd species. Elon knows it. Elon often talks about it in a PC way. But even just having all those extra kids Elon is helping us.

  12. Musk is a pos of a human too. Whatever good he does. He does bad to equal his karma out.

    Come on now he's the richest man alive and still women run away from him. Think about it.

    He gets those prenuptials the women can't run with money. So they better stay for the money.

    But there ain't no amount of money worth staying for by the look of it. If only his exs could speak freely. But we must wait until he pass or they about to pass for that tell all book.

    Musk pumps and dumps on crypto too. 3x he's burned the doge community he pretends to support them. Then pulls the rug from under them. Reloads his doge tweets it up crashes it down.

    Even this twitter deal burned his fans they brought his bs everytime and elon went about it backwards its on its off its on. Its off off. Its done he owns it.

  13. Now we know who to ban for future trips to Mars. Don’t let any of these legacy twits on the spaceship 🚀

  14. Little Rich boy bought himself a social media site , so he can call the shots . He believes that crooks, liars, Fascists, Nazis and racists have a right to free speech to spread lies and propaganda . Some people don't deserve freedom of speech much less freedom . It's one reason this country is so screwed up , is that lies and misinformation is allowed freedom to spread their hate and fools will listen and believe that garbage they are told . No one wants to verify , do their own research ,use their own heads with logic , they just want to blindly listen to one source . Who in their right mind believes that had Hitler had Twitter that he should be allowed freedom to spread his rehtoric ???

  15. I love this, a really rich guy is firing people who have jobs somehow where they run a thing where regular nobody's say a few words about things that don't matter.