Elon Musk's Plans for Twitter Leaked & They're Brutal | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk finally completing his takeover of Twitter and his plans for massive layoffs and changes; what a day in the life of a Twitter employee really looks like; the blatant political media bias of news outlets like the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets running cover for John Fetterman after his disastrous debate with Mehmet Oz; the double standard for Herschel Walker and his past struggles with mental illness; “The View’s” Sunny Hostin failing to make the John Fetterman debate debacle an inspiring moment for people living with disabilities; Raphael Warnock trying to lose his Georgia senate race by his blatant display of racism towards white people; Kathy Hochul teasing more possible mask mandates to protect children from RSV (respiratory syncytial virus); Gretchen Whitmer seeming to confuse remote learning with in person learning with her blatant lie about school closures; Tudor Dixon showing how to deal with the corporate press; a CNN host pointing out the disappointing data about the efficacy of the new bivalent boosters to Dr. Fauci; SteveWillDoIt achieving massive success on Rumble; Margaret Thatcher’s amazing response to a journalist’s question about socialism, and much more.


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0:00 Intro
11:33 Elon Musk Finally Acquires Twitter
20:50 Twitter Deal Will Expose The Media’s Double Standards
24:22 Why The Woke Left Is Radically Racist
28:45 Tudor Dixon Exposes Gretchen Whitmer’s Blatant Lies
34:23 Dems Will Continue Censoring The Truth
47:08 Wise Words From Margaret Thatcher
50:57 Locals Chat

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  1. Desantis should be the VicePresident for Trump this last term and then he should be President for 8 years.

  2. I agree with Megan Kelly and Trump. Trump will run for president but won't announce it until it is the 'right time'. Timing is everything.
    We don't want America of 10 years ago. We want better! That requires getting rid of the evil 3-letter organizations…CIA, FBI, WHO, CDC and a host of others. Every problem we've had stem from these places.
    It can be banned into oblivion if WE do it. Pedophilia has to be banned into oblivion. Normal people don't let this happen to kids. There are other things that needs to be banned that stem from hatred and prejudice. Ans no I'm not woke, but awakened and enlightened. Love is the only way this world is going to survive and truth goes hand-in-hand with it.

  3. What a total retard like some dam little girl clueless and brainless and we are in big trouble if she is a President !

  4. You are part of the rift so to speak between this DeSantis and Trump…

    DeSantis is a strategic man… he won't run against Trump

  5. Fettermans cognitive abilities HAVE been compromised I'm an RN and its obvious and ge wasn't a bright guy before his stroke.. did his stroke make him smarter? I think not

  6. How could Biden even speak about going after elon when his whole family is 100 💯 for China! Such hypocrits

  7. Should we not sign up for Twitter to support elon and his attempt to bring free speech back to Twitter? I gave up my Twitter when they canceled trump the president of the United States. That's actually why I started even following politics I thought how did we get here? Cancel the PRESIDENT? NOT COOL

  8. it appears she rode in the short bus . Also did they investigate who allowed 6 people to buy up all the media?

  9. I Think Elon has big plans for Twitter beyond free speech, I think he will tie in a crypto currency exchange in some fashion, I see he is also testing bringing Vine back since it was part of Twitters portfolio, which they bought before it became too big for them to afford to purchase, they saw it as a competitor and tossed it in the trash, meanwhile TikTok stepped onto the scene and more than filled the void left by Vine. So now Elon has Twitter AND Vine which could easily be brought up to speed to compete with TikTok. in fact Vine could be the hidden gem in the whole Twitter purchase for Elon, I personally still don't know what to think of the guy, he is obviously a brilliant technology and manufacturing guy, but what's impressive to me is when you see his business moves, he's shown to be very savy, has vision, and he isn't a one trick pony.

  10. Tudor Dixon is very likable and seems like she would be an awesome leader. She’s also hot… 😅

  11. a sink?, he should have brought a shit bin, big size
    you are nuts and bananas!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 a conspiracionist bananas😂😂😂😂😂
    this biden is hidden white racist
    Maggie was a precursor, she spoke about the great reset before even the criptonazo son of a flamethrower manufacturer wrote his infamous book.


    David Brinkley was one of the last journalists on main stream media who called it as he saw it. He called out Clinton and saw what fakery he brought.
    Clinton was outdone by Obama, who IS STILL FAKE AND WILL REMAIN FAKE.
    The MSM is OBVIOUSLY SLANTED TO ONE POLITICAL VIEWPOINT AND IS NO LONGER THE WATCHDOG FOR THE PEOPLE. Therefore, it will remain UNRELIABLE as a “news source” to keep people informed.

  13. Sometimes I wish we just left the USA to the Native indians ( just as the left said we should have). Building this nation from dust was an unbelievable feat of mankind….and it was the 'right' that built it. The left would still be sitting round a camp fire smoking dope with the Comanches …until the Comanchees scalped them and threw them on the fire. Easy life fuctards.