Elon Musk Raises Eyebrows with His Clear Plan to End the Ukraine War | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the Elon Musk’s Ukraine peace plan to deescalate the Russia-Ukraine war and if we can avert a nuclear war; Stephen Colbert attacking Elon Musk with the baseless accusation that he is a stooge for Vladimir Putin; Elon Musk’s jab at Sam Harris; MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough going full antifascist; CNN’s Jake Tapper’s disastrous interview with Joe Biden where he gave conflicting answers about whether or not the U.S. was likely to go into a recession; JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon ripping apart the US energy policy of Joe Biden and how the attacks on the oil and gas industry have actually made climate change worse; White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commenting on Senator Tommy Tuberville’s controversial reparations remarks and using them to smear all MAGA Republicans as agents of racism; Dr. Ashish Jha getting worried about the new COVID variants; Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo asking tough questions about the side effects of the COVID vaccine and it’s connections to increasing the risk of myocarditis in men; European Parliament member Rob Roos exposing that Pfizer never did the proper studies to see if the COVID vaccine would stop transmission of the virus which was the entire basis of the COVID passport system that was used in various parts of the world; and much more.


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0:00 Intro
6:33 Will There Be A Nuclear War?
12:00 Elon Musk vs. Media Scrutiny
17:06 Biden On Energy & Inflation
28:08 How The Left’s Positions Changed
45:02 Sanity vs. Insanity

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  1. I'm sorry, but Crimea was part of Ukraine. Saying historically that it was part of Russia so it should be returned is a dangerous precedent. You could argue that for a part of history, Poland didn't exist

  2. R & U have tried ……. SEVERAL TIMES ……. to have peace talks ……. Until the US CA EU Nato Put their Foot In It

  3. What does racism have to do with inflation? Her comments make no sense. And what is so ridiculous about her comments saying, "look what we inherited…" because what they inherited was a great economy with energy independence for the first time ever, record low inflation, closed borders, and much lower crime. Democrats always trying to convince Americans that what they are seeing and experiencing is not real.

  4. We have a democrasy al least. We even speak Russian language here, we are allowed to say what we think even now some of Ukrainian s stupidly agree to Putin to invade. But in Russian people are so scared of Putin that even RELATIVES of my and my friends evoid the communication with us. Blocked all messangers and are charged for the pictures with worlds like: "stop the war".. so ? and you are saying Zelensy is No better??????????/???

  5. I want Desantis to say at a apress conference: "That's how 'build back better' is REALLY done!"

  6. As project parakeet , or project mockingbird as said and illistrated, be suspect of any persons in midia and influencers using terms that are heard over and over again . Case in point , everyone calling Putin a " wounded animal " no this is a leader who will either win or loose a war that he started at either his own behest or for some other puppet masters . He may decide to drop a bomb or perhaps 2 . And really what can we say since we in our infinite wisdom actually did that and won a war ? I guess we could say opps yeah we did but we were wrong , and we wouldnt do it again ,but having gained the preeminent position in the world from having done it ,well (shrug) it just kinda work out for us back then . I'm Not for war , I'm not for being played either , and i certainly try not to be a hypocrite.

  7. Joey “Fredo” Biden says:
    “I’m not dumb like people say! I’m smart! I’m not dumb. I just got passed over all these years until the election was rigged in my favor. But don’t tell anyone that.”

    Joe says “Made in America” is TWO WORDS!
    He must be confused with “Maiden American”
    – an unmarried American woman or girl who is a virgin.
    That tells you where Mr. Sniff’s mind is!

    Angry Old Dementia Joe Biden can’t even remember that his son Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015 while serving as Attorney General of Delaware, which is contrary to Joe stating that he was killed in the Iraq war (that lasted from 2003 to 2011).

  8. I believe that Donesk was a separate republic, they have asked the Russians to help them for eight years because the Azov Nazi's were killing them! (No, sorry people, you can't live like that). I think that Putin is a HERO fighting the Nazi's. (And no, the whole world is NOT against him). In addition, I do not believe that Ukraine ever formally specified where their borders ended. This is not a SIMPLE SITUATION (regards how the media PRETENDS it is)./Zelensky is a BAD MAN. People are really pushing Russia, DO YOU REALIZE THAT?????!!

  9. Biden's trillion, billion times fifty million only needs to be multiplied by approx one thousand and you have around the number of stars in the known universe. The left and maths do not go together.

  10. Joe Biden: "We've accomplished so much." Uhm…. Noooo you're blaming the FED all the time! Inflation's still going up! Gas prices are going back up! You've accomplished nothing!

  11. Or let's try this: Should we find a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine as soon as possible? If yes, why isn't Joe Biden doing anything about that?

  12. If the USA did a regime change in Ukraine and installed their puppet, is it still a sovereign nation?

  13. Dave, how come Russia can't invade an independent country, but the US, NATO and GB can? Asking for a friend

  14. RUSSIA DID NOT START IT!!!! The Russians were provoked into a proxy war and it was America and the EU who started this war. This war is the continuation of the nefarious WEF agenda. Let's get it right and stop pussy footing around!!!!

  15. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Ukraine remain NEUTRAL full stop and the proxy war STOPS!!! Bioweapons labs destroyed.

  16. Rubin,
    It's not incredible –
    It's the second highest form of criminality/fascism in human history!!!
    Thank the phucking worthless Govmt./Pharma crime syndicate for it !!!

  17. That Jolly Phucker sounds like a true DemonRat bafoon,
    but straight out of
    Soros' '"open society'" pay roll ?!?

  18. Elon Musk’s lame proposal is not for peace, it is for surrender of Ukraine to Russia. Is it because he’s so much of a milquetoast who caves before Putin’s bullying threats or because he cut some deal with Putin?. Musk’s visit to Putin last month seems to be related to Musk’s about-face.
    There is no reason for Ukraine to hold any referendum to cede any of their territory to Russia. Those who live in the Donbas who want to be part of Russia can move to Russia.
    Musk is a devious little chump who’s looking out for some personal interest that will certainly come to light later.
    Btw: Putin isn’t the only one with a massive nuclear arsenal. So instead of people like Musk b*tching up when Putin makes nuclear threats, we should just tell him that we will turn Moscow into a radioactive ash heap if he initiates a first offensive nuclear strike.
    Musk disgusts me.

  19. There is nothing more pathetic in the entire world – than
    Boe Jiden giving a speech !!!
    He is the most worthless, useless, incompetent politician on the planet!!!
    Perfect for the US Presidency – any coincidence???

  20. Scarborough:
    The perfect example of an idiot corporate media goon, being paid to be just that –
    Idiotic and a propaganda tool !!!

  21. Colbert is a millionaire, leftist comedian – with a value/usefulness below a cockroach!!!
    Perfect for Hollywood

  22. FL Surgeon General said that the vaccine benefits outweigh the increased risk of dieing.. 😆 hahhhaa

  23. Are you kidding Dave ? .. there was already a referendum in Crimea back in 2015 and people voted 90% to join with Russia ..

  24. People pushing this vaccine should be charged with murder.
    48:00 this lady creates imaginary fear in her own head and tries to get others to subscribe.

  25. Funny, the Minsk Agreement already DID this. Ukraine refused to honor it.
    The Donbas already voted and was granted independence. They ASKED for Putin's intervention. Crimea was also independent and already wanted to be Russian.
    Ukraine "We can't let them vote for what they want!!!! They want to be Russia!"

  26. Ukraine is a money laundering scheme.
    The incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan to only a few months later to start a new war in Ukraine is obviously to anyone with intelligence knows the objective was to change who profits from war.

  27. MSNBC is full of untrue comedic material- democrat socialists have nothing good to say about their own party –