Elon Musk's Crazy Plan To Improve Twitter Forever

Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to address some of the questions fans have been asking about the platform. He revealed his long-term plans for how Twitter will look in the near future, including promotion of tweets, Twitter online banking, new design and other directions. Take a look at Twitter now because there is going to be a new version very soon – and the changes are mind-boggling! In order to beat Facebook in the social media competition, Elon Musk has a great plan. He also revealed that the first thing he will change about twitter on the day he becomes CEO


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  2. It appears to me that Twitter now has Elon Musk in a position where he does not have to buy Twitter after all Elon Musk is trying but now Twitter's you Elon Musk does not have to play this game.

  3. Who's Tesla board members have no skin in the game whatsoever they're playing games with stockholders money they better watch their p's and q's that would be my suggestion

  4. Facebook is really the only platform that makes it easy to keep track of family and friend. Twitter and all others are too difficult to follow friends. It is too public.

  5. #1 Tell all the WOKE PC procensorship marxist 🇨🇳 to move to their Valhalla..the CCP 🇨🇳.

  6. Good video: everyone needs more than han their basic salary to be financially secured, the best thing to do with your money is to invest, money left in savings always end up used with no returns,

  7. Mr. Musk , has money changed who u r? Are u still a bright eyed boy? I hope so, coz face book meta whatz app is monopoly, I dont know about ur AI research, but is it what WEF and Mk ultra ( dont know new name) are doing??? ) i wish they would just stop experiments. Its dangerous. And their science is wrong

  8. I'm disappointed that the sale is going through. I think musk has bought a white elephant.
    Having said that I hope it actually becomes a true platform for free speech. I worry that humanity can't handle the truth though…

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  10. I expect the shit eating programmers at twitter will leave all kinds of code bombs and other nefarious viruses in the algorythm. That is what those types of losers do….

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  12. A centralised app I mean what could go wrong? If I'm banned from Twitter does that prevent access to all the other accounts on the X app? Centralising anything that allows a single entity to have complete control is prelude to a disaster!

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  14. Be prepared when musk gets rid of the robots in Twitter AO c's following will drop off and she will claim that she is being persecuted just watch it's going to happen I think most of her followers are bots

  15. when you can scam a tree to drop its leaves to cover you you are covered . when you can scam the sun to shine on you need cover .when you scam the snow to make a snowman you need a plow . when you build you need a tree to cover you from the sun and the rain and snow . who need you one with no one who needs all

  16. The Democrats, Socialists, the cia, nsa and the communists, tyrants will be a little terrified. Basically every lefty and anti free speech person

  17. This is how China controls their population. I'm all about all in one apps but only if we have options and only if it's actually private, which is won't be. Welcome To 1984

  18. Are they talking about where the Ukraine soldiers are hugging the Russian soldiers oh yes they use the star link satellite to share this video or it's a kids the Russian soldiers saved in Ukraine gave them teddy bears or where they broke up on the floor and pulled ukrainians out of it where they sealed them in there you guys are missing a lot it's starlink satellite works very well not everything is what It seems