Stephen Colbert Attacks Elon Musk with a Vicious Accusation | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Stephen Colbert attacking Elon Musk with the baseless accusation that he is a stooge for Vladimir Putin.


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  1. Here is the most important question. Why is ANYONE giving Colbert even the slightest bit of attention? He is the equivalence of supermarket tabloid trash. Just like EVERYTHING at MSNBC too. It is the only way they can get any attention or ratings. If we ignore them they will crash and burn. So let's. Notice how he offers nothing valuable himself. "Beware of negative people, they have a problem for every solution." Einstein. Colbert has been pathetic for years.

  2. Have you ever noticed how Stephen Colbert has weird asymmetrical ears? His left ear looks like a normal ear while the right one looks like it belongs on the head of goblin. 🙂

  3. Would you rather have more 911's and Pearl Harbor's? Or be proactive on a global scale to prevent such catastrophes?
    If you don't like how the "security state" operates, go join their ranks and change it. Find out why it is what it is. Go!

  4. Every person clapping should be put in uniform and shipped over to the Ukraine! Then see how they feel. 🤔

  5. These people are just as bad as the deep state. The minions clap like the when the sign applause lights up. They would make great slaves for the elitist. They certantly don't have a collective brain cell for being there to begin with.

  6. We are in a depression, the average person is under water and can hardly survive. Rents up 30% and food is through the roof. This bullshit numbers are their shell game.

  7. Stephen Colbert Late Night joins the other unfunny show the "SPEW". Colbert SPEWS as much nonsense as Joy and Sunny does. Colbert sounds jealous of Elon and he wishes he could buy Twitter, too. Colbert is a few billion short of a full bank account, lol.

  8. If Stephen Colbert is against you, you are doing the right thing. Seems he is a war hawk now. And he said Trump would cause WW 3. However Biden has done his part towards that end . Trump made a peace deal no one believe possible and got no credit for it. Biden has torn up that peace so war in the middle east is inevitable now. Let's go Brandon.

  9. Funny how all of a sudden liberals enjoy world leaders using rhetoric like "fuck off". Thought that kind of conduct, according to liberals, was reprehensible under Trump.

  10. The people of Crimea asked for it and got it and everyone is happy but this administration and republicans I'm ashamed to say too. It's not our conflict and this country for some horrific reason supports national separatists ( nazies) and all of former usssr knows and remember as such, paid and encouraged by husain in 2016 and now they really are threatening the whole world we have no right to get involved. But should ALL turn attention to what is going on in iran !!!!

  11. "The Machine seems to always want War" … why do I think Terminator? Did Schwarzenegger ever expound on this vs. USA today?

  12. Everyone who is begging for Teslas, Starlink access, Spacex access, or even logistical help from Musk sure seem to like biting the hand that feeds them. Maybe Elon should just pull his assistance from those that dare defame or smear his name with lies they hear on the internet which he provides to them.

  13. I don't trust Musk. This "ingenious" EV is not even close to being a better alternative for the environment than ICE vehicles from what I've seen, and I believe he is posing as a Republican in an attempt to get the other side of the aisle on board.

  14. ironic that Biden has taken everything from the US people, but Colbert is moaning about Ukraine and Russia. Look to home mate

  15. Colbert is a leftist nut…. Ukraine is not part of russia …. Musk cannot suggest an unrealistic consession to russia until Putin is gone

  16. There are plenty of stooges for the machine on the right, such as Neo Con Ben Shapiro and dopey smug Dennis Prager.