Elon Musk's Surprise Announcement to Help DeSantis Rebuild Florida | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk partnering with Ron DeSantis to use Starlink to help the victims of Hurricane Ian; how to volunteer in Florida; Kamala Harris sparking outrage for her comments about equity in distributing hurricane relief through FEMA; Nancy Pelosi revealing what Democrats really think of illegal immigrants and cheap migrant labor; MSNBC’s Joy Reid using her Hurricane Ian coverage to attack Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis and fearmonger about climate change; Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations Melissa Fleming admitting on camera how the United Nations got Google to censor search results to the organization’s wishes because they “own the science”; and much more.

Help the people of Florida:


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0:00 Intro
3:53 Elon Musk Will Help Florida
10:02 Trey Radel Explains The Severity Of Hurricane Ian
21:08 Democrats Capitalize On Hurricane Ian
30:49 The Left Blames Hurricane Ian On Climate Change

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  1. For those of us who may have different point of views about life, conflict and disasters tend to help us see humanity as all of us. Whether in the fox hole or on the roof the only question we have is I have your back do you have mines cause that is the only way we gonna get thru this. She's never been in that situation. Conflict and disasters are equal opportunists they don't care what color you are or who you voted for.

  2. I'm definitely happy to see Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis working together. It's a sure bet to a speedy rebuild. Thank God

  3. It's this channel and a few other channels that give me hope for future. I'm trying my hardest to ignore the current race baiting administration but it's just crammed down our throats day after day, and all the blatant lying to our faces. . It's getting old.

  4. say thank you for showing Florida this is a topic that's well needed sometimes it's good to step away from all the other parts of politics to talk about what's at home and where you live So thank you for doing this it's amazing And yes we do need a new vice president president and speaker of the house

  5. I really hope President Trump steps back from running in 2024 stands behind Gov DeSantis for the nomination. I love some of the policies President Trump put through but I truly believe that our country needs a President DeSantis in 2025

  6. No dont join forces the point of the government is to represent the people. He can help DeSantis but I find it perverse that Republicans will only support corporations if they support them.
    You should ask 'what's the catch ?' Kamala wont be held accountable as long as she represents Equity we all know this, we are the oppressors as patriots and shes the liberator in their woke brains

  7. Dave rubin Sorry I have not seen you before I like what I hear keep up the good work when the liberals find out more about you they will try their best To bring you down

  8. Kamala Harris how dare you talk like this and laugh about ands try to politicy one of the worst storms ever recorded.

  9. I almost forgot Elon musk is a rockstar he truly is a nice guy if you ever heard him talk in person . He really does care about people and not so much the dollar

  10. I bet the illegals who were moved to Martha's vineyard are pretty dang grateful now! Revisit that by a week and a half. DeSantis sent them away. He actually did them a favor… Kept them alive!

  11. There had been a lot of info claiming the USA and Russia was testing controlling the weather. Probably conspiracy but who knows. Coincident that this happened after DeSantis started sending illegals to dfl sanctuary cities/states. Do not take this as fact, just interesting. Brandon and Camilla are r a c I s t beyond belief. They are also conspiring with WEF to destroy the poor of this world. Make the world as rich as possible and then saving the world will be a relative piece of cake according to experts who are realistic and don't want to see billions upon billions of poor mostly in other countries. See Jason Ps experts and their reasoning. Elite want everything rushed especially in key countries like Holland to destroy & manipulate world food supply. E v i l. Plain and simple.

  12. Dave, the word you're looking for is "evil". To insinuate that aid should be meted out based on skin color or any other immutable characteristic is wrong and it is evil because it separates us when we are all God's children and should help each other out of love for God and each other. This evil comes from Satan who is the divider..

  13. "We own the science." The UTTER arrogance and IGNORANCE to be able to say that just boggles the mind.

  14. Close the blinds and hope the shit doesn't come anywhere near you. That is democrat policy.

  15. It’s time for mandatory military service. In the event someone has a religious or other objection, they can help out at the Post Office or the food bank. Governor DeSantis is the example that makes the case for mandatory military service.

  16. It’s so refreshing to listen to Florida Gov and his wife speaking the normal shit and not bringing race, gender, equity, fake bs, blah blah blah!

  17. Equity is not a new concept. It's one of the main principles that socialist/communist regimes tried to follow that led to millions of deaths. Why do people still fall for this absolute genocidal language?

  18. I just don't understand his strange fear of clowns. He even says something like "you know she's a clown because she is laughing!". And no, I am not a "leftist" because I don't jump on the "red pill bandwagon". I stand way outside of the "red pill blue pill" game they want to force us into. People that are afraid of "clowns" are afraid of Mickey Mouse too. Now you have a spiritual conundrum.

  19. More racist than Pelosi saying illegals should stay where there are to pick crops????? These skin covered Demons speak with fork tongue’s. Just listen to their words.

  20. They still do have the petting zoo, but it was closed for Covid. We love Sanibel, aww man love 💗 it

  21. I swear they picked her cuz they thought she’d make him look better and not out shine him

  22. LMAO, could you imagine Trump said we have to help the poor white people first rebuild, fire would becoming out of their ears.

  23. The video of Trudeau, when she showed up ALL THE WORK HAD TO STOP for over an hour while he just STOOD AROUND, for photo-op of him holding a sand bag… shameful

  24. Does the WEF also own 'the science' on covid and vaccines that we were all supposed to follow without question? They need to be stopped. Short of that, they should be aggressively ignored.

  25. Our family would love to come and help but we can’t afford it, gosh we wanna move there too!

  26. That’s a positive position Elon Musk but no matter President Donald Trump has my total support if he runs because he’s done the most for our Country and lead it impeccable I was totally impressed with his actions and agendas they were absolutely on the right track and handled it with every American positions possible for us to flourish and the motto MAGA was true!!!

  27. Ron DeSantis said 8 ppl were quickly arrested for looting and many boarded up places have big signs saying: " you loot we shoot"

  28. Never use Google, this broad from the U.N. just proved what a propaganda pushing 💩 she is, SHE WAS SHOCKED when she Googled climate there was truth, she had to get together with Google to put her agenda of LIES to scare the unknowing into Compliance. SMH
    Google needs to be made into public utility and not allowed to team up with the government to push commie agenda.

  29. Im almost 60, and ive seen this or similar happen maybe 20 times. I always marvel at the surprise on everyones faces! Btw. Trump/DeSantis 24 and DeSantis/McEnany 28!!!