Feds Accuse Elon Musk & Tesla of Doing This to Their Workers | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk and Tesla being investigated for systemic racism by the Equal Employment Opportunity commission and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre struggling to justify how the Biden administration is changing the definition of recession.


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  1. Tesla inc just registered for the trademark "The Greatest Car Ever." Very, very interesting. Brilliant marketing move.

  2. Under my brutal totalitarian regime most legislative body members and bureaucrats will be placed into hard labor prisons.

  3. The crazies are doing everything they can to smear Elon because he called the crazies crazy, Seems news outlets are in the business of making money off lies now, they should be held accountable, I hope all sane people will defund them

  4. Is anyone watching what’s been happening to our society and wondering how it’s been able to get to this point!?

  5. The left will stop at nothing to bring down people who do not agree with their woke agenda. They are truly the most disgusting kind of humans.

  6. America raises it's kids on public school and smart phones.
    The internet is a cesspool that should be 18+ only and you let your kids on it as soon as they are able.
    Just for that your society needs to burn.

  7. You would get so much more views if you didn't have such clickbait titles. Nobody loves clickbait and it is a cheap trick for clicks. Channels with integrity don't need clickbait for views.

  8. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  9. It's clear to me that the reigning democratic party has weaponized all government agencies.They have been doing this since jan 6, but I bet the jan 6 commission has nothing to do with that.

  10. Oh my God I'm really amazed by this wonderful opportunity even with the economic fluctuation in the country I'm still able to be heading 5 BTC every month just with my little investment, if you're not making money during this bit going deep you're really missing a lot, thanks for your supports so far Elon musks

  11. Elon doesn't care about America's stupid race ratio or the Rooney rule. If you suck then you're gone.

  12. How about a systemic racism investigation into Ivy League universities?
    Which openly discriminate against certain racial groups, especially Asians.

  13. this whole q and a is a joke. She never answers the questions. And the stupid reporters engage with her knowing its a waste of everyones time. This sham should be stopped.

  14. Elon doesn't like dumbasses, so maybe that's why those workers were sent to the lowest level jobs. Just a theory.

  15. I had a coworker tell me last week that on jan6 they were there with weapons and had a plan to murder pence. And attacked all the police

  16. Elon there are many red states and Countries that would bend over backwards to have you there.

  17. Close California plant fuck them. If you work w engineers and aren’t one. Guess what?

  18. Anyone else notice how all these accusations and other stuff only happened after Elon declared that he will be voting Republican.

  19. I wonder if Elon was one of the complainants, he is African-American after all.

  20. The NBER is NOT the definitive organization that determines whether or not we are in a recession. This is more duplicitous and disingenuous behavior by the Left and POTUS. Just yawn when they tell you "such and such" an organization has given us a new, improved insight into our country's economic woes.

  21. So this is what happens to you when you say your going to vote republican. So progressive they are

  22. anything happenstance or incidental will be called out as racism…by actual racists who are looking for victim hood.
    NEVER FORGET, DEMOCRATS STARTED THIS INSANE RACIST CARD. Only Democrats continue to weaponize it and still use it. It’s a disgrace to all black people and inherently racists

  23. I am completely had it up to here about labels being used so much that don't mean a thing anymore. Main stream press should just hang their heads in shame. I love when they call black leaders a uncle Thomas or Mexicans being call a race or not willing to force feed propaganda down our kids to be called book burners, I can't tell you when I saw a TV commercials that are all black or mixed race couples. White girls they get pissed of for stealing the most prosperous black men and vice versa. Superbowl half-time show that I couldn't understand one freaking word. They were also doing disgusting dance moves to the world. I pulled up to a car the other day to blasting music and I'll tell you that every other words were cuss words and degreding to women. Antonio Brown first live appearance where he is grabbing his junk every 10 seconds and WHAT THE HECK IS THIS NUT JOB SINGING ABOUT, A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING. IF YOU KNOW WHAT HIS SONG REALLY MEANS. BLACK PEOPLE ARE VERY SMART BUT SOMEHOW IGNORANT WHITE COLLEGE TINY BOPPER THINK THEY HAVE TO PROVIDE PROTECTION TO THEM. I have a clue for you, I went to a black college, learned light green , dark green are the same and they will or you will save each other lives so day. You want to play that game ? Bring it on snowflakes, which an insult to real snowflakes. Neal