Elon Musk's Latest Vicious Take Down of Joe Biden & 2024 Prediction | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk mocking Joe Biden and how easily Ron DeSantis could defeat him in the 2024 election.


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  1. Whatever happens, I want people to stop treating these politicians like celebrities and saviors. They are our employees and they work for us. Looking to them with passion and enthusiasm is weird at best and dangerous at worst. Let them clock in and out for work and go home. No fanfare needed.

  2. vote strategically – Trump needs more time to keep draining the swamp, that gives DeSantis two terms to keep the momentum going ?
    Thoughts …

  3. Can we have DeSantis run as an Independent candidate instead? The two party system blows.

  4. Trump has a track record. The drama and chaos we endured during his time in ofvice was 92% media driven. It will not change if DeSantis or any other Repub is in office. I have a friend who gets her marching orders from media and she has already been expressing "concern" about DeSantis and Youngkin. Trump has proven he can still govern while absorbing daily body blows. Trump's biggest failing is he trusted someone who undermined him, who recommended he appoint Kelly, Wray, Mattis, Barr, keep Fauci, Birx, etc. I hope he has figured out who that is. To drain the swamp even a ,little bit means he has to dump establishment choices. Tulsi Gabbard for Sec Defense, Ric Grennell for VP or any job he wants. A bulldog for AG, not a aweeer guy who can be rolled like Sessions or a government first man like Barr. Pompeo back as Sec State. He did a great job. Flynn for head of NSA or CIA. Bring back those who did a good jkb the first time and build on it. Let Trump to save us 2024 and then 8 yrs if DeSantis and we might have a chance. Otherwise thw country is toas if no Trump i. 2024 then mighg as well reelect Biden so he can administer the coup d'grace. It's quicker than diaemboweling the country as GOP AND Dems have sone since1988 when the awamp waved bye bye to Reagan and Bush stepped in to install the Globalists new world order.

  5. I think trumps ego is too big. He will run. I think he would run even if it meant that the Republicans would lose if he was the candidate. Because I don't think he gives a damn. I think DeSantis would be better. But it still all depends on what Trump decides to do. I guess people would love to have Trump as president and DeSantis as vice president. I could see how that could work because then DeSantis would be lined up to serve two terms as president after that. And let's be real, Trump ain't getting any younger either. So having a good person as the vice president is very important. That is so obvious right now with Biden and Harris.

  6. Trump could be tossed into the office of President before he wants to go back in (God has his ways), that would mean before the swearing in of the new congress in 2023 which would void Trump being able to run in '24. WI SC already voided the legality of the WI 2020 election results. Will other states do the same? There is a narrow window though granted the widow is small but the courts are active and a lot has happened in only days since Nov of 2020.

  7. Trump and Kari Lake! That’s a winning team. DeSantis has small children and his wife is recovering from cancer. His time is not now but I’m the near future.

  8. Poles and logic and consensus has little to do with God's anointing. God Almighty is king make in the affairs of men. His, God's, purpose will be accomplished. There is a prophecy (whether or not you accept those things) dated 2104 that said Trump would be President. that happened. Later the same person said Trump would be re-elected but set aside for a time and then be sent back in. We all have to wait and see don't we? I'm not on a soap box here but I am suggesting you leave a train of thought open. After all this is God's world and he will only allow the devil to go so far. There are some hard times coming to this world but that does not mean it is the end of the world. Christ is coming back and some think he is coming to destroy this world but he is instead coming back to rule this world for 1000 years. People will be born and die of old age during his reign. This world will pass away after that thousand year reign but not before. Ye I have scriptures.

  9. Trump’s win depends on voter fraud being held to a minimum……Desantis could draw such a mass of votes that even large scale fraud would have a hard time over coming that spread.
    I’ll take either one over the current crop of dangerous imbeciles we are now saddled with . I really wish Trump would play King maker and then take a position in a Desantis administration. Progress and National healing would happen at warp speed.

  10. I don't know if I trust Elon…. Feels like he's a good candidate to round up the right and persuade them into the leftism climate change bullshit.

  11. dave ,the one problem in your logic is bill maher cant be convinced,hes a democrat…..ben shapiro is one of your friends….didn't you see him interview maher?Maher thinks democrats can be SAVED ……good luck with that

  12. Dave Rubin still mispronounces Kamala Harris's first name. At this point, there's no excuse. He even mispronounces his buddy Eric Weinstein's last name. Eric and Bret, both have made a mild point of their preferred pronunciation.

  13. Many are ALWAYS for Trump. Others are NEVER for Trump. But DeSantis gets ALL the first group and a TON of the second. But then there’s Trump’s record, charisma, obvious mental clarity and undeniable energy. Did I mention determination?

  14. Completely agree…. Biden is just a placeholder. DeSantis could win easily in 2024.

  15. Any other man may be too old. However not when it comes to Trump!! I am 74 and trump can run circles around me multi times!! Wish I had an 8th of his strength, stamina, wisdom, and a mind that thinks like him. I have Bidwen syndrome right now. Dare I say, I can be President? Of course not.

  16. I would rather have President Trump as a king maker. He started draining the swamp and he needs to complete the process by promoting patriots to replace carrier politicians on all levels: local, state, and federal.
    I admire his talents and foresight and, in my opinion, White House will be too small of a place for him to accomplish his mission. Plus, that will disarm the media from creating all kinds of distractions to stop him on the tracks.