Elon Musk's Crazy Plan To Save Twitter Instantly

Elon Musk talked with the employees of twitter and opened up about everything. He has few fascinating plans to improve twitter instantly and Twitter employees were very excited for it. Elon answered many questions, so, lets discuss them.


Elon Musk’s Crazy Plan To Improve Twitter Instantly. 👉

Elon Musk – “Few reasons I want to buy Twitter” 👉

Elon Musk Destroys Apple 👉

Elon Musk – “Delete Your Facebook” 👉

Elon Musk: I Will Tell You All about The Aliens: 👉

Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos – It’s Getting Worse Every Day 👉

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  1. I stay out of any app that becomes too all-encompassing. Any app that wants you to basically "live in it" means it's collecting tons of data and it's the same idea and giving away all your freedom and privacy to the gov only difference is, it's a company instead. It scares me that people are excited for stuff like this instead of suspicious. Everyone is willing to give away all their private info just for a little convenience. Forget that noise. Stay off fb messenger, tiktok, etc. There's a reason that China has a main app that everyone uses, it's the biggest surveillance state.

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  3. I hope the best for Musk for this and for all his human life-improving ventures. I also hope that he will put good thought into the status of Twitter after his dominant personal position finishes in order to prevent the same technical and ethical degeneration that has affected Apple after the passing of Jobs.

  4. птичка внутри машины.

    смерть путину и смерть нефти !!

  5. Free speech is vital so decent people can expose the Evils of the Politicians/Governments/Scientists/Doctors/Bankers etc. The World is clearly a shit hole, & it is because a high % of people in powerful positions have zero morality or spirituality & are driven by Power & money alone! This is why the World is an absolute mess.
    It does not have to be this way! What is needed is to adjust the Structure of things and put the power back into each individual.
    It is simple to do! It just needs some current smart people to implement new things! Yes of course we don’t need any, that is a zero Politicians! They are a waste of time & space! Sure we can have leading figures who initiate ideas! Then the people vote on ideas, But absolutely zero Politicians are needed. All they do is steal, Murder & Lie! I’m talking about 80% of them, they are not all totally scumbags!

  6. Seems like Twitter will get trashier than before..with more and more anonymous toxic people in the name of freedom of speech and money..

  7. so Elon is selling out his morales If ya cant beat em join em…

    He wants twitter to have 1 billion users an doesnt care if most of them are fake

    Boycott twitter and Elon if this is the case

  8. Elon obviously don't wants Twitter using as tool for political or any other business. He knows that who owns those fake accounts can start or triggered a crusade himself

  9. One thing's for sure no Democrat will work at Twitter for very long
    Democrats hate free speech since all they do is lie all day long about everything.

  10. It's really easy to tell how many accounts are fake just delete every single account now everyone just make a new account and each count needs to be verified

  11. Is Elon going to make an online space where you don't have to be a NAMbLA founding member to be an admin?

  12. I love hearing about all the things this man has done and is doing. Elon is one of the most modest men to have become the most influential men in human history, and may soon have done more than Nikola Tesla himself, in changing the meaning of life on this planet. Go Elon Go.

  13. When you upload your next video please see if you can make the LEVEO OF THE AUDIO LOWER than this one was, that was no one will be able HEAR it !!!

  14. I like those ideas but it can only work fairly if he gets rid of those employees that were prejudicial about who they targeted For punishment and who they didn't Based on their own feelings. That was an unfair use of the power they had and it should have never been followed through and they should have argued with their CEO's about it because they live in America too. They should have known better. As far as I'm concerned they don't have any integrity and are not to be trusted….Ever. If Elon must wants us to trust Him, he will get rid of the employee's that can't be trusted and believe me we do want to trust him because we like him and we like what hes done and we realize what a risk hes taking but Twitter has left a really nasty disgusting taste in our mouth. It's because it's full of employees that were willing to do that to their Clients and fellow Americans.
    All he has to do is look at the data of each and every employee and see which one penalized who the most. The ones who did it the most inaccessively to specific types of groups are the ones that are the worst and they need to be fired. They were not doing it because they were forced to, they were doing it because they wanted to. There will be a difference in the numbers.
    It was with a sense of relief that I canceled my Twitter account but I would like to have it back but not under these circumstances. Changes don't matter if you can still be kicked off, shadow banned, or censored, at the drop of a hat by somebody who's been brainwashed or forced to do unfair ignorant stuff by their bosses and/or fellow employees. Maybe a contract for your clients/users would be nice that actually protected us??? Just an idea. Oh, and no arbitration agreement please.

  15. He’s pitched at the top of the market price . I would walk away let the stock plunge and mop it up as a bargain price

  16. que Gondess.Uno encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesl abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer