Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover, From All Angles, with Seth Dillion, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Peter Schiff

We’re taking a deep dive into Elon Musk’s eventual takeover of Twitter today. Megyn Kelly is joined by Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, economist Peter Schiff, and Vivek Ramaswamy, author of Woke Inc, to talk about how The Babylon Bee’s suspension, the left’s meltdown over the news, free speech on social media, why satire is important in our culture today, whether Twitter is actually a good investment, where to draw the line on hate speech, how Twitter “smuggles” ideology and viewpoint discrimination into its rules, the downsides to safety, advice for how Elon Musk should change Twitter’s policies, empowering the user on social media, the latest front in the battle between Taylor Lorenz and Libs of TikTok, whether Musk’s Twitter purchase will be good for Tesla investors and whether it’s a mistake to buy Twitter, if the deal will actually go through, the cost of forgiving student loans, and more.

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  1. (3:58) Tim Pool (25:09) also hypothesizes that there was an algorithm suppressing follower counts
    (8:19) It seems more hateful to perpetuate a delusion that has Very serious consequences ('self deletion'). It is hard to see the ultimate compassion in this (every "affirming" surgery leads to horrific…).
    (9:19) This quote is Thomas Sowell's Constrained vs Unconstrained conflict of visions philosophy summarized—some think that people are inherently unflawed and thus need to be liberated. Others recognize the inherent flaws in human nature (original sin) and that there need to be corrective forces to return them back to the proper path.
    The Unconstrained believe in heavy authoritarian destruction of all societal institutions(besides government and its arms) vs the Constrained that only require occasional nudges back onto the 'path'.
    (51:08) Respect for having the courage to come back. Although it seems Peter Schiff's pessimism is mainly sunk cost
    (1:10:18) Both. That is why the IRS went on a massive hiring spree last summer and why Democrats snuck in spying on anyone with $600 into the $1.9 Trillion bill.
    (1:10:22) Positive Feedback Loop
    (1:19:31) Give users the choice
    Absolutely. Leave the objectionable speech public but allow individuals to block/filter things on their own clientside such as certain words or other users (ex: Blocktube extension).
    Provide a movie-like rating filter encompassing all of the platform which individuals or parents can toggle.
    (1:21:49) Can confirm. Using Blocktube, I opt out of every instance of the f word or abuse of the 3rd Commandment. I block vapid channels like those affiliated with TYT but allow the mainstream of Left-wing channels.
    Unlike the hysteria generated with physical violence and the 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment abuses online can be more easily handled by users on their own without an authoritarian hammer.

  2. yeah they're Pro free speech you're free to say whatever it is they want you to say and nothing else

  3. Yes! People can make things so safe (in their minds) that it is actually harmful and can be much worse should you have to deal with the same or similar problem in the future. My application (or analogy) is more on the practical side. If I have to fix something and I get it repaired I have no idea if it will work for an extended length of time. Therefore, I always leave a small amount of access and leeway should that same problem arise. If I were to seal it completely and make it ten times more difficult and it happens again, the damage could be multiplied because I have locked myself out for future or better repair or if I am gone and somebody else comes along they can't do what is necessary.

  4. Meg, your nxt hdlns shld include details on the Biden family syndicate operations. We need you to flesh out the oft used "Lies" w/ more transaction details: e.g. Wife of Moscow mayor wiring $3 Million to Hunters account? Is that a Truth/Fact?

  5. If you want to be a women then cut off your thing , otherwise you're just a man in a dress.

  6. The utter lack of humility from Schiff to have been so obviously wrong and to immediately go "ya, but it's because MUSK is not so smart" is shocking. I will be looking askance at Peter Schiff going forward.

  7. I could listen to Megyn talk for hours. She has the whole soothing, assertive yet feminine voice thing going on. She's great to listen to when falling asleep.

  8. Zaleski, banned all the TV stations except his pro Ukrainian and imprisoned his opposition politicians and cancelled the parties. Putin has not banned western media and anyone in Russia can get to Youtube and rumble. But the EU has banned all Russian media. We are only getting one side of the story and not allowed to hear the other. Who are the Autocrats? Watch Oliver stones documentary " Ukraine on fire" from 2016. Its on Rumble.. might add some context to what is really going on

  9. Love your podcast. And Love your necklace and blouse today. Every day you look fabulous.

  10. Peter Schiff is making the same error now that he made earlier. He thinks that the Twitter purchase decision is purely economic for Musk. This says a lot about Schiff as a person, that he cannot see a goal outside of pure profit.

    He is analysing this from a purely financial perspective. However, if America loses its liberal democracy (yes, I know we are a Republic and why) then we lose our free market and are headed towards an authoritarian government colluding with industry (I’ll let the reader figure out where we have seen this before … hint: Italy, Spain, Germany). The Biden administration is already doing this by promoting electric vehicles from GM and Ford, and ignoring Tesla. Musk understands this as he thinks more broadly than does Schiff. This is a long term game.

  11. Gotta be honest: BB's CEO may be my new celebrity crush. A funny, witty, Christian with a great goatee and neck muscles? Yes please 🙏.

  12. “Rachel Levine is a woman” is a crazy Marxist strategic Social mental illness Construct. Stunning the castle before the slaughter

  13. The changes that Twitter is instituting already are, in my view, the company trying to hide the bodies prior to the regulatory decision on Twitter’s sale to Musk.

  14. The people that are going to lose the most right now is… The board of directors apparently have very few shares among them. So they don't get a big premium on the stock shares they don't own, and they lose their way over inflated salaries…………..Michael

  15. Elon Musk will have a huge problem with his Twitter staff realigning. That organization has become a haven of employment for left extremists who seek to control.

  16. Elon Musk said in an interview that he wasn't buying Twitter for the money, he's doing it for the principle of free speech.

  17. Babylon Bee guy was great! I totally agree as he said by quoting Ben Shapiro that Elon will have to clean house. Yes! Do it on day one Elon, as soon as you can!

  18. Megyn still complaining about the attacks on her, well she was trying to derail a presidential candidate on her show calling him a rapist essentially every night but I’m glad she smartened up