Will Elon Musk Actually Try to Buy All of Twitter and Take It Private? With Peter Schiff

Megyn Kelly is joined by Peter Schiff, host of The Peter Schiff Show Podcast, to talk about whether Elon Musk will buy all of Twitter, the chances that the board will accept his offer, and more.

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  1. SCREW THEM ELON,….., Start your own platform and I would even get on it. Refused these whiner platform since they all started. All these platforms are nothing but GROUP-THINK from a weak bunch of control freaks

  2. Biden said he would stop the sale. The left does not want free speech / the truth to be heard.

  3. This guy is just a jealous Elon musk want to be desperate for business ! That's why he has his company plastered all behind him ! It's just free advertising on Megan's show !

  4. Nener use Twitter …. Read some posts on Google and was discusted. If Musk buys it and stops the blocked speech rights I may look at it

  5. reading thru the comments and comparing to what has happened up to this moment, Peter ended up being right YET AGAIN. Elon won't be able to buy twitter at all, as he just hit a block wall set by the largest share holder rejecting his offer. So it won't happen.

    Peter is great, because he doesn't play by emotions like all the Elon fanboys

  6. Shiff has revealed himself to be a shill for the Woke crowd. He's obviously on Journo-List, getting his lockstep Woke talking points with all the other Woke Regime zombie media

  7. Have a talk with Elon not Peter. You'll get a better understanding of what Elon is actually doing.

  8. Elon has demonstrated that twitter is a mouthpiece for the oligarchs foreign and domestic, it controls speech in numerous countries it's a tool of power an the Saudi's just said so in their response to Elon

  9. You kidding me? Buying Twitter for fun??? This “expert” knows nothing, not even the bare minimum about Elon Musk! He believes deeply in free speech. Didn’t you guys see his poll asking if Twitter adheres to free speech? Thankfully he can afford to put his money 💰 where his mouth is. Who’d have thought he’d be our saviour… 🙏🏼😃💕

  10. ‼️‼️‼️ Peter Schiff is right about inflation BUT he is wrong here about Elon Musk. Elon is playing 4-D chess here. You need to understand that.

    Twitter is not worth even $30 per share. This is Goldman Sachs OWN analysis.

    Therefore, the price of $54.20 basically locks the Twitter Board into a legal battle with their own shareholders. If they try to stop the takeover through stock dilution and reject the offer …. the stock price will crash – losing shareholders money. They will then have to answer to their shareholders – WHY they rejected the offer. 77% of Twitter shareholders are private investment banks. They are bound by law – fiduciary duty to act in the financial interest of their shareholders.

    Elon Musk could be buying Twitter shares as we speak and we won't know until NEXT MONTH. I wouldn't dismiss this. This is a true takeover.

  11. Wouldn't you just love to help be the rescuer of our Freedom of Speech? Elon Musk has that kind mind. How cool is it that @jack isn't sleeping.

  12. cause…dummy analyst! twitter is not about making money, it is about control, censorship, steering public opinion, manipulating elections. this is an all out attack on the globalist deep states ability to spin the narrative and make people belive bullshit like russia gate, the "fake biden laptop" , russia attacked ukraine for no other reason then evil, corona is a totally natural virus, e.t.c! the WH is already going after spaceX and tesla over this. now watch them reject the offer, and deny their shareholders a giant payday, and ask yourself why any company would do that.

  13. This Peter Schiff guy may understand business finance, but I am not sure he understands Elon Musk.

  14. Peter Schiff is so misinformed. The management doesn’t decide to sell the company if the shareholders want to sell the company.

  15. I think its not just about the money anymore for Elon. And Elon makes things happen. If he publicly dumps his stocks that will hurt Twitter and make Elon money YAY
    Puts on twitter sounds lucrative to me (I am not a financial advisor)

  16. This guy saying safe words playing it safe so he wouldn't get into any kind of trouble later on

  17. He is gonna fucking buy it Dawg. If they refuse the offer, he's gonna sell all the stock and the Twitter stock price would tank so hard they will lose all share holders and investors.