Does Elon Musk Take Jesus MORE Seriously Than the Babylon Bee?

The @The Babylon Bee interviewed Elon Musk. Sam from @Transfigured told me that happened at the end of the video, which I hadn’t seen. I think this light hearted interview missed a serious opportunity in many levels.

The Interview
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Tom Holland on @Unbelievable? on Christian Persecution

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  1. Pastor Paul, you’re precisely on point with title of this video. To take what is sacred & treat both the discussion & Jesus Christ as “light hearted,” is insulting to God as well as disrespectful to their guest. Shame on the Babylon Bee for wasting a momentous opportunity to be sober minded.

  2. When I heard this I literally stopped in my tracks. Having known nothing about Musk before the interview I came away extremely impressed.

  3. I really appreciate you pointing out the way The Bee fellows seemingly undermined the Gospel call and made it trivial. I do think they were VERY nervous, but it's not okay to "light heartedly" ask a non-believer to accept Jesus into their heart. They had a chance to be bold and Godly and genuinely share the Gospel, but instead ended up with a half-hearted really cringe joke that I think Elon saw through and tried to be honest anyways.

  4. A friend of mine, solid Christian man, says his teenage daughter wants to be a doctor and work in the mission field. "By the time my daughter finishes school and her internship, the mission field might very well be the United States!"

    Christians will once again have the opportunity to demonstrate how seriously we take Jesus. Unfortunately, the environment will be even far more hostile than it is today.

  5. I always love the 'Where did the bread come from?' but then it's like 'yeah, elves are cool'. Really? Or some fantastical SciFi thing…Dyson Sphere, sure! But those Bible miracles, nah, I question those! So amusing!
    Oh, signalling, one of my favorite words. Yes, signals are important, not just what but also how you are doing this signalling. Signals have volume and when there are no good signals, or signals about the good (perhaps because everyone is busy living hidden so they can be eaten by the lions last) then people start acting on bad signals out of lack of options.
    Seriousness is hard to convey with signals because you need to act it out. We need that participation and the nature of the participation is important. The nature of how you interact is a signal in and of itself. It's a complicated problem, really.
    The sacred is the 'space' where you open up, it's an intimate space that allows you safety in exposure, without it, you have problems.
    I love how Musk is trying to revive Jesus or at least is trying to preserve the 'best' parts without going all in. Musk is defending something here, he's taking a posture that one would not expect, one that his hosts do not really appreciate.
    He's had deep thoughts about this topic and here he's able to be intimate and authentic in a way that the Babylon Bee is not prepared for. Impressive failure.
    Certainly missed opportunity here for Babylon Bee, it's a great point.
    What if faith is required for intimacy?
    Thoughts are very private, even with the thing that we should all be having in common – ethics. So this individualistic approach where you don't need others, you can rebel against the church structure, now you have a space where you can intimately interface with the divine and not even tell anyone else.
    So a lot of this is about what do you believe, the fact that no one will say, they are living hidden, hiding, not putting out signal, denying the rest of the world a moral compass by either not talking at all or not taking their own traditions seriously enough. The lack of signal is also a problem because it will be replaced by a bad signal. We need more good signal in the world!
    Were they upset about the questions, or frustrated by their inability to explain? It's not like you can explain this to the ONE smart kid, you have to bring them aside to answer (assuming you CAN, which is a different problem) in person. This is the core problem of all education and likely why parents are best to do this and not some organization like a church.
    Yes, the problem in the church pointed to here is that they aren't doing good cultivation of the children. I'm not shocked, it's hard and they are trying to make up for the loss of religious teaching in school that would have been supplemented at home.

  6. It’s incredible to me how Elon’s two major questions were deeply tied to Eucharistic theology – it was the mystery of the ritual of the Eucharist itself, and the mystery of Jesus feeding the 5,000. Those two stories are so intimately connected at the deepest levels. Because of their deep Protestantism, they don’t have a highly developed theology of Eucharist. Therefore, when Elon’s analysis jumps straight to questions of materiality, these Baptists are stuck there with him. If only we had Brett Salkeld in the room to clear it up!!!

  7. "The scribes knew where the Messiah must have been born – but they sat quite peacefully in Jerusalem. The three kings relied only on gossip – but this rumor touched them so much that they took a long journey."

    – Søren Kierkegaard

    Seems to me that us Christians need some skin in the game. If you have a chance to talk to Elon, please get his thoughts about God's promise to Abraham that his children will be like the stars. Thanks for all you do.

  8. I think this also demonstrates a failure of Evangelicalism in that so much emphasis is placed on the DECISION.
    The music, the offer — the Bee guys were even sorta satirizing it because it's manipulative, and frankly.. tacky (and I get the impression that they KNOW THIS).

    Just presenting Elon with the Gospel message in an ernest and genuine manner is enough. The Holy Spirit will do what He wills in Elon's heart.

  9. The Bee as a brand is a principality that needs to be upheld. Add to that the terror of coming before a king, and the facade-hardening radiation a camera emits, and I'm not sure anyone who doesn't live their life ever before the face of God could have walked out of that interview with their head up. I couldn't have.

  10. This was cool. I have thought this deeply but have not been able to articulate it. Evangelicalism is much like a self help group in my experience. I was never convinced they really believed what they say they believe. I might call that lying but… I guess it’s relative.

  11. the Bee likely took a good hit from this.. cant say I don't get any satisfaction from this as overtime they showed themselves for partisans and bad faith actors who profit from the current polarization..

  12. My favorite lines from the Pilgrim's Regress:

    And what has that got to do with the card of rules?’ said John.

    ‘Everything,’ said Mother Kirk. ‘In a country where all the food is more or less

    poisoned—but some of it very much less than more—you need very complicated rules

    indeed to keep healthy.’

  13. "Saved? What is saved? . . . Show me an angel. Please. I want to see."
    "But you're a nun. Nuns believe these things. When we see a nun, it cheers us up, it's cute and amusing, being reminded that someone still believes in angels, in saints, all the traditional things."
    "You would have a head so dumb to believe this?"
    "It's not what I believe that counts. It's what you believe."
    "This is true," she said. "The nonbelievers need the believers. They are desperate to have someone believe. But show me a saint. Give me one hair from the body of a saint. . . . It is for others. Not for us."
    "But that's ridiculous. What others?"
    "All the others. The others who spend their lives believing that we still believe. It is our task in the world to believe things no one else takes seriously. To abandon such beliefs completely, the human race would die. This is why we are here. . . . If we did not pretend to believe these things, the world would collapse."
    "Of course pretend. Do you think we are stupid?"
    "You don't believe in heaven? A nun?"
    "If you don't, why should I?"
    "If you did, maybe I would."
    "If I did, you would not have to."
    "All the old muddles and quirks," I said. "Faith, religion, life everlasting. The great old human gullibilities. Are you saying you don't take them seriously? Your dedication is a pretense?"
    "Our pretense is a dedication. Someone must appear to believe. Our lives are no less serious than if we possessed real faith, real belief. As belief shrinks from the world, people find it more necessary than ever that someone believe. . . . There must always be believers. Fools, idiots, those who hear voices, those who speak in tongues. We are your lunatics. We surrender our lives to make your nonbelief possible. You are sure that you are right, but you don't want everyone to think as you do. There is no truth without fools. We are your fools, your madwomen, rising at dawn to pray, lighting candles, asking statues for good health, long life."
    "You've had long life. Maybe it works."
    — Don DeLillo, White Noise (1985)

  14. The Dutch word 'spot' as also the German Spott, means mockery, derision or ridicule. The English word 'raillery' = good-humoured ridicule, seems to fit the tone of the interviewers. Paul, thank you for this thoughtful discussion

  15. It’s not that simple. There is no 60%-99.9% with Jesus.

    I’m pissed off that he said, “Do us a solid.”

    Really?! It’s not about you Babylon Bee. Stick to comedy.

  16. I have to agree with you Paul, the Bee missed an opportunity to have a substantive conversation with Musk. He certainly seemed willing to have a serious conversation about faith, but they kept turning things back toward the comedic, which was very unfortunate in my opinion.