Elon Musk JUST SECRETLY BUILT An Insane New Satellite Launcher In Just 7 Days!

Elon Musk, SpaceX and Satellite Launcher

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#SpaceX and #ElonMusk are evidently doubling their efforts to make the Mars launch a reality soon. In this video, you’ll find out what Elon Musk has just revealed about SpaceX’s genius new satellite launcher. Welcome to Elon Musk Rewind! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like this video, and hit the notification bell icon to get updated with Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, and everything about Elon Musk.

With its Starship, SpaceX could create what would be the best garbage truck in the world. According to Elon Musk, the company’s rocket would help clear the Earth’s orbit, a claim he tweeted recently. Besides launching crew and cargo into space for SpaceX, Starship may be able to clean up debris using its fairing door. A feature like this could help humanity in solving one of the greatest concerns we face regarding its future in space.

So, SpaceX accomplished a record-breaking mission at the beginning of 2021. Then, human ashes were being transported into lower Earth orbit. In this case, the company Celestis is providing this service, and they are offering to send ashes to the Moon for just $12,500, which is truly cheap compared to other spaceflight options. But the mission was not the most impressive aspect. As a result of this mission, 143 satellites were launched into orbit, breaking the previous record of 104 that India had set. And this is part of ‘Rideshare,’ SpaceX now provides #satellites that are smaller the ability to take advantage of other satellites’ resources, reducing their costs. Meanwhile, a 500kg satellite in the 1980s would have been hard to launch into Earth’s orbit since there were limited options.

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  1. really bothers me when the video content does not match the commentary, and renderings are inserted like they are actual video, am about done with this channel

  2. Elon Musk
    your a smart computer guy
    can you make a program that uses qi or chi mind or hand energy to operate WI–Fi switches ..

    If chi energy can levitate a rock , push over 50 men attacking
    or fly a space ship it likely it can also drive a car .
    Every human has this ability but needs to be exercised ..

    Remote viewing is real thing
    time travel is allo real
    interventional travel exists now..

    humanity is one with all things in micro level and space and at a cellular level there's a lot of space as subconsciousness is transport
    Matter and 5th element is the transport system chi energy to move .

    50 monks can lift a boulder by sound waves or chant , levitate

    The West is dead to human advancement abilities
    same with western medicine and understand not the human body is a medicine factory to self heal .

    we don't need phones as we can communicate without phones

  3. REDOUBLING their efforts. Not doubling.
    If Musk could DOUBLE his efforts then what the hell has he been playing at for the last decade! 🙂
    "Redouble": make or become much greater, more intense, or more numerous.

    "we will redouble our efforts to reform agricultural policy"

  4. How about Edison, or Tesla or how about DaVinci and all that is just for starters. If people are allowed to bloom and encourage to bloom they can bloom.

  5. That was my idea, in a simple way but still my idea. Need a 30 feet long rope, a trash container on four wheels and a stupid garbage truck driver who is not looking in the back mirror. So, connect the rope, the truck and container together, if possible by his last pickup, and just seat back and watch. By the first turn hit a few cars, and make the driver think, somebody is chasing him so give gas and by the next turn, the container got loose and lost all the garbage. Even the container was damaged. So that’s what it is in a higher scale. Cost a lot more, and we can’t even imagine what the damage will be for the garbage truck, can it be recycled or just let it fly all over in space?

  6. I cannot think of any entrepreneur in history who even comes close to Elon. He must really love what he's doing otherwise he would have suffered from burnout a long time ago.

  7. Hundreds of thousands of Starlink satellites ?? .. Are you sure !!! … Get ur facts right and tell us something we didn't already know months ago …. 🙄

  8. When space flight is as routine as flying a 747, we will be an interplanetary species. We are so close.

  9. ",just not on impact"~Elon musk
    "Famous last words"~Me
    "TEQUILA"~Every rocket in history exploding before successfully landing

  10. why they are still insisting in using merline engine, while they should replace them with raptor engines in falcon 9 and falcon heavy in order to increase payload weight and still reuse them again also the 2nd step should be reusable by using same techniques of starship

  11. Why are Space x launches more expensive to the us government then it was paying the Russians, and what is the cost per launch of the reusable rocket when you factor in that it's payload is a fraction of a conventional rocket and you need at least 6 launches to break even, payload/launch cost compared to conventional, and certain orbits don't make it possible to reuse them… can we have the full story ever.

  12. Every day there is a new guy making videos with stunning names:) in CAPITAL LETTERS 🙂 nothing is over until the fat lady sings or farts. take your pick.
    this satellite was made in Israel. of course, Elon Musk owns the company. so learn a bit before saying GAME OVER.

  13. Me musk create a spack mask with a fan to suck in space air and the backpack will turn space particles into H20 OXYGEN, to breathe in space u need to wear this mask and backpack