GAME OVER! Elon Musk FINALLY ANNOUNCES Cybertruck Price Changes & REVEALS A HUGE Update (Tooling)

GAME OVER! Elon Musk FINALLY ANNOUNCES Cybertruck Price Changes & REVEALS A HUGE Update (Tooling)

Tesla recently announced that it’s Cybertruck electric pickup has moved to the tooling phase in the Texas Gigafactory where the first batches will be built on the way to its 2023 launch. Its battery packs, however, will reportedly be made in Tesla’s older Fremont factory which has a facility for the new 4680 cells, then shipped to the Austin plant for assembly.
While it is not clear whether the Cybertruck will receive the 4680 battery pack like the Model Y batches built in Texas, Tesla said it has the electric pickup’s battery supply already covered. It seems that the Cybertruck design is also being retooled in the “tooling” phase when Tesla sets up the production space and installs the machine equipment for its manufacturing.
A recent spy video from the Austin, TX Gigafactory shows that Tesla has significantly redesigned the rear lighting of the Cybertruck. The new taillight strip, in particular, is now quite different from what Elon Musk rode on earlier in the year, as can be seen in the video below. Instead of just a thin red LED strip, the break light is now enriched with two thicker orange side lines as well, necessitating the widening of the black bar beneath the central strip.
The light pattern has also changed, with three shorter sections illuminated in the side’s orange hue. That’s how Tesla may have been planning it all along, but it’s the first time that we are seeing the new rear design in action. There are also two reverse lights on both sides of the number plate, hinting that this might be the final design that will end up in the retail unit.
Tesla’s futuristic electric pickup is expected to start shipping to those who preordered it first in the summer at a Cybertruck price that might be higher than what Tesla initially announced.

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  1. No doubt some "engineer" decided all flat "body panels" and "glass" would make for minimum "cost" and maximum "profit" via "easy" construction, quality control etc. And "stainless steel" for the most "affordable" and "durable" finish.

    As if. Getting perfectly "flat" and "straight" and "finished" stainless steel to begin with and keeping it that way during "construction" of anything with "body panels" is exactly what "killed" the DeLorean in "mass production" and its why "restoring" them is a stupidly expensive "investment" today if they NEED "restoration".

    "2023 launch" but the "tooling" won't be "ready" until at least "mid-2023". Which means – as usual – it'll be 2024 before "2023" Teslas are "delivered" a handful of months before "legacy automakers" start "delivering" 2025s.

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